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Craftsman ... of promotion - Hama of skill job

The skill of craftsman who lived with the times

Last update date February 26, 2020


Photograph of state that landscape gardening craftsman cares for pine at hand

We call occupation to need experience and mastery of skills mainly composed of handwork, manual labor supporting our life and culture with "skill job" (= craftsman).
There are many skills that we have usually overlooked casually in our surroundings.

Skill that changed with skill, the times when we had been cultivated for a long time adhered to life of people and developed.
While most were affected by foreign culture with development of the opening of a port and trade, industry with that, skill job of Yokohama developed.

Cleaning, dressmaking, hairdressing, the painting, photograph is skill that the technique spread out in the whole country as the birthplace in Yokohama.
Environment surrounding people of skill job changes with the times.

With many types of industry, offer of product and service that focused on production method, function and price made the mechanization, organization is becoming mainstream now.
However, on the other hand, is deep-rooted for high product and service of quality brought about in handwork, manual labor by superior skill; is popular.

Superior skill is succeeded to, and it is important for rich life of people to be continued as work.
Furthermore, it is necessary for superior skill to be succeeded to to mediate between diversity of local culture for the future.

Craftsman (booklet, video) of Hama

We introduce information to take contents of job of post of 24 skills playing an active part in each field of batter, meal, house, life and the occupation.

Page of craftsman (booklet, video) of Hama

Craftsman exhibition of Hama

Job of craftsman supporting everyday life. But it is reality that there are many people who do not know, actually, what kind of work you do.
We think job of craftsman of Hama "to want you to know" to more people and hold "craftsman exhibition of Hama".

Page of craftsman exhibition of Hama

As for the skilled people of merit, it is commendation system

For the purpose of planning promotion of skill job and the succession of skill, we perform "person of excellence skill commendation" to promote "skilled person of merit commendation" for person of skill job taking leadership role on in the industry and future luck of person of post of skill of the nucleus, young person and improvement of further skill.

As for the skilled people of merit, it is page of commendation system

Yokohama Meister

In Yokohama-shi, we choose person of civic life, superior skill job to contribute to culture to "Yokohama Meister" from 1996.
For successor upbringing, security, the succession of precious skill, promotion of skill job, Yokohama Meister performs activity of experience instruction by school or local event in demonstration, lecture.

Page of Yokohama Meister

Yokohama skill Festival (sponsorship: post of Yokohama-shi skill group notification meeting)

It is big event that craftsmen of Yokohama gather in a hall.
It is held in October and is full of many people every year.
Demonstration of production experience and craftsmanship of work which craftsman tells, sale of work become various contents.

Page of Yokohama skill Festival

Yokohama-shi skill Cultural Center "artisan plaza"

In utility room "artisan plaza" of Yokohama-shi skill Cultural Center, we perform permanent construction display of tools which can know skill and living of craftsmen.
In addition, as well as demonstration of skill job, "thing" including experience-based event by participant, we introduce skill culture through feel with people and person.

Page (the outside site) of Yokohama-shi skill Cultural Center


Person of Yokohama-shi skill job upbringing business

Promotion of improvement, development of skill of person of skill job in Yokohama-shi that group performs and successor upbringing assists for person of post of skill upbringing business to be expected.

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