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"Craftsman of Hama" (booklet, video)

Last update date March 6, 2019

Introduction of craftsman (booklet, video) of Hama

To have many people know skill job,
We play an active part in each field of batter (dressed), meal, house, life (live)
We made booklet and picture to introduce information to get contents of work of various skill jobs and the occupation to.

This booklet and picture are a chance to be interested in work of skill,
We hope that young people to be craftsman increase alone.

[handbook: in A5 size, 36 pages, March, 2014 in production, issuance, 2015 revision]

We are dressed

When people live, it is indispensable. We wear and fix and enjoy and are means to express oneself and.
Even if culture advances, thought of the root does not change. We will peep at the skill of craftsman supporting "the clothing" of Japan.


Specialist job that washes clothing.
We remove dirts while being careful about material and state and texture is good and finishes favorite clothing product.

Page (PDF: 451KB) of cleaning of booklet
Video (the outside site) of cleaning

Men's wear

Person needle person needle, made-to-order sewing to finish sewing carefully.
We promise comfort and satisfaction not to be able to taste with ready-made article.

Page (PDF: 465KB) of men's wear of booklet
Video (the outside site) of men's wear


Mainly on hairstyle, we suggest "the beauty" sought generally including make and nail.
In certain technique, we offer desired style.

Page (PDF: 462KB) of beauty of booklet
Video (the outside site) of beauty

Ladies' wear

To preference and figure of each person, we prepare one point thing which was rich in trendy design and functionality (haute couture).

Page (PDF: 455KB) of ladies' wear of booklet
Video (the outside site) of ladies' wear


Technique that only barber can handle "shaving" using razor.
We fix appearance of people, and nickname of barbershop (barbershop) is got close even to.

Page (PDF: 456KB) of hairdressing of booklet
Video (the outside site) of hairdressing

Kimono dressmaking

Japanese traditional dress "kimono" which has been inherited from ancient times.
From one piece of dough (cloth), we finish sewing beautiful kimono.

Page (PDF: 456KB) of kimono dressmaking of booklet
Video (the outside site) of kimono dressmaking


From meal that healthy life is healthy. From a mouthful as for the daily rich livings.
We support food culture in Japan and satisfy vitality of people. Arm of craftsman kept on polishing that we brought about spirit to live in today.

Western food

We create various dishes and attach color and please customer.
In genre that there is number, we provide western dishes mainly.

Page (PDF: 469KB) of Western food of booklet
Video (the outside site) of Western food


Japan made with the manufacturing method that is the same as the old days-born traditional food.
We attract attention of raw materials as health food in soybean with high nutritive value.

Page (PDF: 460KB) of tofu of booklet
Video (the outside site) of tofu

Western confectionery

It is also called patissier.
Specialist of making Western confectionery producing dessert and a great variety of sweets including cake.

Page (PDF: 480KB) of Western confectionery of booklet
Video (the outside site) of Western confectionery


Place of memory and everyday scenery. Pleasure of home life with delightful dining table and family. Time named happiness to be born from important place.
It being also valid to live. The space living in casually is crystal of technique and thought of craftsmen.

Authorized architect

We perform "construction control" to confirm "design" to become nucleus of overall building whether construction is performed in drawing street by central figure.

Page (PDF: 453KB) of authorized architect of booklet
Video (the outside site) of authorized architect

Building carpenter

We perform construction and reform of wooden building mainly.
It is also called "leader" (the leader) when in leading situation.

Page (PDF: 471KB) of construction of booklet carpenter
Video (the outside site) of building carpenter


In nature material which we made use of power of nature in, we finish with coating such as wall surface and floor, ceiling of building.
Favorite iron (iron) and handling of iron are lives of craftsman.

Page (PDF: 459KB) of plasterer of booklet
Video (the outside site) of plasterer

Landscape gardening

We perform repair, management such as design and construction of garden of house and various gardens including park, the pruning of garden plant.
The beauty that we cannot miss in tea-ceremony room of Japan.

Page (PDF: 477KB) of landscape gardening of booklet
Video (the outside site) of landscape gardening

Tatami mat

Tatami mat which watched life of Japan from step.
Using rushes, we deal with work about tatami mat from production, setting to repair consistently.

Page (PDF: 451KB) of tatami mat of booklet
Video (the outside site) of tatami mat

Housing part

From simple thing to thing of decoration that is attractiveness.
We perform production and installation of housing part with door and sliding paper-door, shoji, opening and shutting function including window.

Page (PDF: 456KB) of housing part of booklet
Video (the outside site) of housing part

The painting

From house to high-rise building, we paint outer wall and interior of various buildings and it blows and makes design and finishes the last of building.

Page (PDF: 452KB) of the painting of booklet
Video (the outside site) of the painting

Black kite

We make scaffold at construction site and build pillar becoming foundations of building.
It is said, "construction does not begin if there is not black kite".

Page (PDF: 472KB) of black kite of booklet
Video (the outside site) of black kite

Sheet metal (building sheet metal)

We customize one piece of metal plate in various shapes.
We perform construction of roof and outer wall, installation of rain doiya duct and protect important building for a long time.

Page (PDF: 458KB) of sheet metal (building sheet metal) of booklet
Video (the outside site) of sheet metal (building sheet metal)


Traditional technique that long history brought up.
We perform production and restoration such as sliding paper-door and shoji, hanging scroll. We deal with washing and stretching of wall paper in house.

Page (PDF: 464KB) of mounting of booklet
Video (the outside site) of mounting


We who are why may live without inconvenience. We who are why may spend every day happily.
That made with accumulation of efforts of somebody. Irreplaceable common days.
It is the work of craftsman spirit that makes our "living".

Seal sculpture

We make registered seal, banker, seal, corporation mark, every seal including rubber stamp.
Technique of refined hand-carving proves property and right of people.

Page (PDF: 459KB) of seal sculpture of booklet
Video (the outside site) of seal sculpture

Outdoor advertising

Production and setting of signboard, telephone pole advertisement, various advertisements to see in downtown (the outdoors) including upbound flag manage.
September 10 is day of outdoor advertising.

Page (PDF: 462KB) of outdoor advertising of booklet
Video (the outside site) of outdoor advertising


We provide memory to be born in event of turning point of the life and daily life to people in form called photograph.

Page (PDF: 480KB) of photograph of booklet
Video (the outside site) of photograph

Acupuncture needle moxibustion massage

Oriental medicine origin. We raise natural healing power and fix balance of body.
We make full use of needle, moxibustion, massage by shiatsu and support health of people.

Page (PDF: 452KB) of acupuncture needle moxibustion massage of booklet
Video (the outside site) of acupuncture needle moxibustion massage


Official name, silkscreen print.
As well as paper, we can print to metal, glass, silicon product regardless of plane, curved surface.

Page (PDF: 465KB) of screen-printing of booklet
Video (the outside site) of screen-printing

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