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Yokohama skill Festival

Craftsman of Hama flocks! We show vaunted craftsmanship!

Last update date October 28, 2019

Yokohama skill Festival (sponsorship: post of Yokohama-shi skill group notification meeting, the cosponsorship: Yokohama-shi)

Craftsmen of Yokohama gather in a hall
It is big event.

It is held every year in October,
It is full of many people.

The cause of instruction of craftsman
Experience-based corner that can produce work by oneself,
Sale of demonstration and work of craftsmanship
It becomes various contents.

About the 40th Yokohama skill Festival holding

Commencing with "announcement of the skill" of craftsmen pride, it is varied from "display, sale of work" to "manufacturing experience".

In addition, we hold "good craftsman contest" for the first time this year.

Please come to play.

On the date

Sunday, October 27, 2019 from 10:00 to 16:00     ※Stormy weather cancellation

Holding place

Nihon Odori Avenue (the location: Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi)



◆"The 40th Yokohama skill Festival" was finished with grace state blessed with weather safely.

 All of you who had you arrive. And, people from branch, thank you very much.

 On the next time, please expect "the 41st Yokohama skill Festival".

What's New

◆"Yokohama tiled roof association" will put off store opening to cope with repair of roof in typhoon affected areas.

 I'm very sorry, but, in where consultation about roof, the making of mini-tile were looked forward to, we would appreciate your understanding.

[display, sale of work]

Food is substantial this year, too. Please appreciate.

  ◆Handmade tofu, fried bean curd, Frankfurt, fried chicken, Japanese confectionery, roast giblets side

  ◆Petty person in Western clothing, petty person in Japanese dress, saddlecloth mat, member of a group coaster, cutting board, tree pail, copper "crane, tortoise" seals

[actually] ※There is paid thing, too.

Thing which can participate happily is prepared both children and adults. At this opportunity, please experience.

 ◆The making of mud dumpling, indigo dyeing, tie-dyeing, woodwork classroom, the making of miniature box bath, stone seal sculpture, quick massage

[stage event] ※() becomes performers.

 ◆10:30 - sum drum performance (soshuryu*tako)

 ◆11:00 - Yokohama scarf PR, demonstration (Yokohama fiber promotion society, scarf goodwill ambassador)

            Live (music unit "kafemoka")          

 ◆11:30 - kids dance show (SWARM/ Yokohama wound British junior high school, high school baton part /H-kids dance)

 ◆12:00 ...    Demonstration (association of all-Japan food service supervisor person Kanto synthesis district headquarters Motobu, Kanagawa) of ice sculpture

 ◆13:00 ...    Good craftsman contest (Yokohama-shi skill job group contact meeting)/live (music unit "kafemoka")

 ◆13:30 - live (male vocalist unit "ekuserando")

 ◆14:00 ...    Live (local idol "ponikarodo")

 ◆14:30 - lottery (Yokohama-shi skill job group contact meeting)

 ◆15:30 ... good craftsman contest result announcement


Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau employment Labor Relations Section

Telephone: 045-671-4098

The Yokohama-shi skill job group contact meeting secretariat

Telephone: 045-650-5811 (17:00 from 13:00 of Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Yokohama-shi skill job group contact meeting

In 1968 of person of skill job is social, and "liaison meeting according to the Yokohama-shi skill type of job" for the purpose of improvement and successor upbringing of economic position starts, is "post of Yokohama-shi skill group notification meeting" (girenkyo) and the changing of a name in 1971.
31 type of job 34 groups are participating now.
girenkyo holds "Yokohama skill festival" to show superior skill, technique of person of skill job and performs activity citizen's, to publicize splendor of manufacturing.
In addition, we establish youth group organization and provide place of interchange and activity between people of young man skill to take the next generation on and act for successor upbringing.

The Yokohama-shi skill job group contact meeting secretariat


2-4-7, Bandaicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Yokohama-shi skill Cultural Center

Telephone: 045-650-5811 (17:00 from 13:00 of Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Fax: 045-650-5862

Member group

Association of association of Yokohama housing part association society/Kanagawa Western clothes association society/Yokohama-shi beauty association contact meeting/Yokohama-shi dishes eating and drinking cafe skill association/Kanagawa screen digital printing cooperative/general incorporated association Yokohama-shi acupuncture needle moxibustion masseur fair/Yokohama tatami mat association alliance fair/Japan Architect Associaton Kanagawa branch office/Kanagawa kimono sewing cooperative/metropolitan area construction industry union Yokohama branch office/Kanagawa landscape gardening business association/Yokohama dyed goods association/Yokohama tiled roof association/Yokohama-shi tubing cooperative/(public corporation) all-Japan food service supervisor person association Kanto synthesis district headquarters Motobu, Kanagawa/Kanagawa form mechanic business cooperative association/Kanagawa seal business association alliance fair/Kanagawa advertisement art association Yokohama Yokosuka branch office/Yokohama bathtub facilities association/Yokohama-shi black kite industry alliance fair/Yokohama-shi photographer fair/(public corporation) Kanagawa painting association/Yokohama Meister fair/Kanagawa cleaning life hygiene trade association/Yokohama-shi hairdressing alliance fair/Yokohama-shi sheet metal association alliance fair/Yokohama-shi plasterer business cooperative/Kanagawa construction of public works public labor union Yokohama-shi meeting/Yokohama tofu commerce and industry cooperative/Yokohama-shi construction labor union alliance fair/Yokohama mason alliance association/shinhyokyoyokohamahyoso interior association/Kanagawa Chunichi cook fair/girenkyoaonembu

The 40th Yokohama skill Festival brochure

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