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Next, ZOORASIA holds "village forest garden festival" this autumn to promote "garden city Yokohama". "Forest adventure, Yokohama" opens, and Topia Lee of animal is newly full of the highlight including appearance in large flower bed! Come to venue by all means.
In commemoration of the Yokohama Port opening of a port 160th anniversary, we start Yokohama Maritime Forum 2019 on October 21 under the theme of "sustainability, variety and harmony in harbor, the marine transportation industry" during period until 25th. (sponsorship: Kawasaki, Yokohama international harbor)
28,000 runners gather from home and abroad and run through town of Yokohama. Other than support by roadside of the day of the meeting, we hold event in Pacifico-yokohama on Saturday on Friday, November 8, 9th. Point to be able to enjoy is full. Let's enliven Yokohama marathon with runner!
Page about approach of Yokohama-shi for Rugby World Cup 2019™. Other than information about meeting, we send event information hosted by city, the highlight of rugby, imminent rugby information.
The Olympics Paralympics are started at Tokyo meeting of 1964 in Japan after an interval of 56 years. Yokohama-shi is the held local government of baseball, softball/soccer. It will enliven this meeting to attract attention from the world together from Yokohama!

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