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It is full of information to be useful for recommended tourist attraction of Yokohama, the latest event information, gourmet information, model course, map, sightseeing of Yokohama including night view spot.
We hold event "Yokohama woman network meeting & woman business Festa" of support working woman of various generations, woman entrepreneur playing an active part, interchanging with learning. Man, participation of person concerned with company are welcome, too. Young generation has "student support frame" (first-come-first-served basis for free).
House of Kamigo, Yokohama-shi, forest is the training, the accommodation rich naturally which was next to forest of Yokohama nature observation and Kanazawa Shimin-no-Mori, Kanazawa Zoo. In spite of being nature and contact, you can spend a spiritually rich time throughout the year.
The Olympics Paralympics are started at Tokyo meeting of 1964 in Japan after an interval of 56 years. Yokohama-shi is the held local government of baseball, softball/soccer. It will enliven this meeting to attract attention from the world together from Yokohama!

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