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Moving, house

Last update date May 8, 2020



Announcement of Family Registry Division window ⼝ congestion

As you gather up procedures to be able to perform without doing the next agency to congestion prediction calendar and ward office on window congestion prediction page of ward office Family Registry Division, please confirm.

List of procedures in case of moving

About procedure to perform in the case of moving, we release list for distinction.

Procedure about family register, Basic Resident Register

When Address changes with moving, it is necessary to perform notice of the change of address, notice of the change of address in the municipalities. We file for transference, transference at ward office in Yokohama-shi.

※In the case of procedure, it may take time. You have you confirm congestion prediction calendar, and come having margin at time.

Procedure about social insurance, tax

Procedure about child

Procedure about elderly person

Procedure about person with a disability

Procedure about car, motorcycle

Procedure about house dog

Report is necessary for Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division of ward where he/she comes to live.

Procedure about passport

Public utilities (electricity, gas, water supply, telephone)

On moving, procedure for address changes is necessary.
Various companies provide service, and electricity, gas, telephone, communication (the Internet) can choose fee structures freely.

Collection of oversized garbage


Report, procedure

We are concerned with construction

House indication, tax, the registration

Consultation, support

Lease house, house in a development project

  • Municipal Housing
    Recruitment of residents of April and October carry out twice a year. There are qualifications residents such as six months or more living in income standard and the city (or we work).
  • koiku teribuin
    Public lease house for child care households utilizing high quality lease houses such as private landowners.
  • Yokohama, ribuin
    Excellent public lease house for mid-career income earners to live about high quality lease house which private landowners build.
  • Subsidized housing for elderly people
    High quality public lease house for elderly person whom private landowners build.
  • Safety net house
    House which was registered as house (safety net house) which accepted entering of which had a problem to live, and to look for such as elderly person and child care household, impaired person, low income.



  • The life memorial tree
    We celebrate birth, marriage to have memory for the life in Yokohama-shi and give commemorative sapling to people applied for. (twice a year)


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