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City Information and Plans

Policy of Yokohama

Based on the achievements we have built so far, we will focus on medium- to long-term strategies and four-year planning periods with a view to 2030 (Heisei 42) in order to further advance Yokohama for the future. We have compiled the policies to be promoted. At the same time, he showed the administrative and financial management that will be the foundation for promoting the policy.
We open public data held by the government and make efforts to utilize it for town development and business.
It is procedure to impose duties on development such as plans of city and citizen, and to announce widely at the stage of plan in establishment process such as the regulations to limit right, and to have opinion from citizens.


We publish information about new coronavirus including vaccination. In addition, we introduce the 100th anniversary of Yokohama municipal traffic and "Garden Necklace Yokohama 2021".
Yokohama City Hall moved to Honmachi, Naka-ku. This page introduces new city hall access, information on each floor floor, photos of buildings, etc. Please take a look.
We send the latest information about new coronavirus infection. oversized garbage applications and garbage collection by category information can now be made on LINE. We will continue to provide useful services to citizens. Please register and use your friends.
A self-import facility where citizens can bring oversized garbage can bring inSakae Ward has opened a facility for citizens to bring in. In order to bring in oversized garbage in advance at the reception center. The Konan Resource Recovery Center ended on Sunday, January 31.
We will start accepting oversized garbage using chatbots. The oversized garbage chat has already provided information on oversized garbage processing fees, etc., but in the future you can apply for it on the chat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
In "hometown tax payment" to Yokohama-shi, we raise feelings of "want to support Yokohama" widely and can choose utilization from 24 business, purpose. Why don't you create the future of Yokohama together with your feeling of thinking of your Yokohama?
We have started distributing a living information magazine, "Guide to Living," which contains information on disposal procedures" has been started. It is full of useful information such as Yokohama city whole map & route map, barrier-free information of railway station, medical institution. Check it out!

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