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Information, plan of city

Policy of Yokohama-shi

We gathered medium-and-long term strategy that surveyed 2030 (Heisei 42) and policy that you should promote chiefly for four years during plan period to let Yokohama further jump to foundation by the results that we built so far toward the future. At the same time, we showed financial and administrative operations which laid the foundation on pushing forward policy.
We throw public data which administration holds open and perform approach making use of in town development and business.
We obligate development such as plans of city and citizen and, in the establishment processes such as the regulations to limit right, announce widely at stage of plan and are procedure to have opinion from citizen's.


We start acceptance of oversized garbage utilizing chat bot. You have already informed of coarse waste disposal fees by AI by chat of oversized garbage, but can file until application on chat 24 hours a day, every day in future.
Special feature of this month is "garden necklace Yokohama 2020". We introduce at their best time or spot of flower of each site in highlight shop of this event.
Yokohama City Hall moves to new government building. The new city hall is completed in the end of January, 2020 and we move sequentially and start duties from April through the end of June in 2020. As we send information such as move of each station schedules to new government building here, please see.
We raise feeling to "want to support Yokohama" as "Yokohama supporters donation" widely in Yokohama-shi and can choose utilization among 22 business, purposes. Do you not make the future of Yokohama with feeling to yearn for your Yokohama together?
Life information magazine which published disposal procedures and disaster prevention information, information for various procedures window started distribution of "guide of living". Such as barrier-free information, medical institution of whole Yokohama-shi map & route map and railroad station is helpful, and information is full loading. Check it out!

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