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City Hall Information

Final update date April 8, 2021


About floor movement of some departments

From this year, some departments have moved to the floor, so please check the floor list below.

Notice of change of closing time due to self-restraint request

In response to a request to refrain from going out, the closing time will be changed and the museum will be closed from 21:30 to 7:00 the following day.
In addition, atrium entrance and exit can pass from 4:50 to 0:40 next day, parking lot, bicycle parking lots from 4:50 to 0:40 the following day.


access map

City Hall Information
City Hall

6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi

・Directly connected to 1C entrance to carriage station in Minato Mirai Line
・JR/Municipal Subway "Sakuragicho Station" walk 3 minutes
・The nearest bus stop is Yokohama City Hall-mae bus

parking lot
bicycle parking lots
Low-rise department

Holidays / Holidays / From December 29
Monday to Monday except January 3
Friday from 8:45 am
Until 5:15 pm

Telephone: 045-671-2121 (Representative)
045-671-2525 (call center)
≪When an emergency is required outside of the above hours≫
Telephone: 045-671-4343
(Directly through Yokohama City Hall)

Other Bills

Please check here.    ※Information on the center function and the building where the time-limited department moves in.

※For the round-trip route from each nearest station to the city hall, the following site provides a guide to the visually impaired, etc., with a description of the language. Please refer to it. & lang=ja (external site)
※The function of the old government building has been moved to the new government building. When you come to new Government building from around Sekinai, please confirm this (PDF: 805KB) (PDF: 805KB). (About 15 minutes on foot from the old government building to the new government building)
Please check here for information on City Council Bureau, please check here.
※In Yokohama-shi, we adopt caller number indication (number display) in case we need to contact telephone who had you inquire promptly and appropriately for return. If you do not wish to display your caller's number, press 184 and call Phone number number display.
★From February 1, 2010, the parking lot for the City Hall visitor has been charged.

About parking lot and bicycle parking lots

The first basement is a general parking lot. The first floor is bicycle parking lots on the first basement.
Click here for details on entrances, fees, reductions and exemptions.
[City hall parking lot guidance]

City Hall Floor Information

Floor Information

※The 32nd and 4th floors are electric machinery rooms, the 6th floor is a denomination waiting room and plenary hall, and the 5th floor is a committee room.
Please see here for the occupancy floor (PDF: 275KB) of each bureau headquarters.
Click here for information on City Council Bureau's

Flow to go to the target department

①Confirmation of visit destination
 When you come, if you check the "bureau / section name" and "floor" of the visit in advance, you can enter the building more smoothly, so please check the entry floor list (PDF: 275KB) of each bureau headquarters Please give me.
② Admission Procedures
 If you come to the new city hall, please go up to the 3rd floor city hall reception by elevator or escalator near you, and offer the "bureau / section name" or "floor" of the visit at the reception counter. At that time, you do not need to show your name or ID card.
 You will be given an admission certificate at the reception, so please hold your admission card over the gate and proceed to the elevator hall, take the elevator of either A, B, or C that stops on the floor of the target department, and go to the floor of the destination Please come.
③ in charge
 When you get off the elevator, there is a "floor reception" on both sides (with some exceptions).
 Please proceed to the side where the department you are visiting is located, and call the department / person in charge of the visit according to the provided extension number at the floor reception. The person in charge will come immediately, so we will ask you for your requirements at a reception booth near you.

New bustling spots in low-rise areas

As a new spot in Yokohama, such as a commercial facility LUXS FRONT (Raxis Front), which has various stores, and an atrium where everyone can easily gather, get acquainted and relax in an open space with a three-story atrium, It creates vitality.

Please see here about each facility.

Information on public wireless LAN (Free Wi-Fi)

We provide public wireless LAN (free Internet connection / Free Wi-Fi) service in the lower part of the city hall.
Please see the following page for details on how to use it.
Information on City Hall Public Wireless LAN (Free Wi-Fi)

Thing about new city hall maintenance

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