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Yokohama City Hall moved to Honcho, Naka-ku. As we introduce information for access of new city hall and each floor floor, photograph of building in this page, please see by all means.
As international technical cooperation by citizen cooperation, we carry out for the purpose of city problem solution support of Asian rising nation, overseas development support of company around the city. Expectation from home and abroad is sublimed into technique about each making of city and city field of the city company and approach utilized knowledge.
It is strength of Yokohama economy and is interchange, cooperation for business creation utilizing advanced technology such as IoT utilized "accumulation of manufacturing, IT industry", promotion of project, platform becoming place of personnel training.
It is intended to create innovation of the field of health, medical care (※ note) continuously from Yokohama and is platform that industry-university co-operation government funds cooperate and work. (※ note) drug discovery, medical equipment development, diagnosis technology development, preventive health care, regenerative medicine, care, the welfare, healthy service
It is land filled up more than 40 years ago by six big businesses of Yokohama-shi, and LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa is industry housing complex of the city best that medium and small-sized businesses mainly on wholesale trade and manufacturing industry gather.

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