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Information for businesses


We sell land which Yokohama-shi owns by general competitive bidding. You can participate in the bidding regardless of individual or corporation. No brokerage fees. First, look at the property information.
Yokohama City Hall moved to Honmachi, Naka-ku. This page introduces new city hall access, information on each floor floor, photos of buildings, etc. Please take a look.
As an international technical cooperation through public-private partnerships, we provide support for solving urban issues in emerging Asian countries and supporting overseas expansion of companies mainly in the city. Expectations from Japan and abroad are growing for initiatives that make use of the technologies and knowledge of the city and city companies in each field of urban development.
This platform is a place for exchange, cooperation, promotion of projects, and human resource development for business creation utilizing advanced technologies such as IoT, utilizing the strength of the Yokohama economy, "accumulation of the manufacturing and IT industries."
This platform aims to continuously create innovations in the health and medical fields (* note) from Yokohama, and is a platform for industry, academia and government to work together. (* Note) Drug discovery, medical device development, diagnostic technology development, preventive medicine, regenerative medicine, nursing care and welfare, health services, etc.
LINKAI Yokohama Kanazawa is a land reclaimed more than 40 years ago by Yokohama City's six major businesses, and is a city's best industrial housing complex of Industry in the city where small and medium-sized businesses centered on wholesale and manufacturing industries gather.

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