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The pregnancy, childbirth

Last update date February 19, 2021


The pregnancy

Report, procedure at the time of the pregnancy

Please submit the pregnancy notice at ward office. We issue mother and child health handbook.
In mother and child health handbook, pregnant woman Health Checkups expense auxiliary ticket and medical institution Check ups for Infants and Toddlers consultation votes are attached.

Health check-up, health consultation

We can talk about various troubles about the pregnancy and childbirth. By anonymity can talk.

At the time of childbirth

Support (midwifery) at the time of childbirth

Expectant mothers who cannot receive hospitalization assistant product by economic reasons enter and can receive midwifery.

To person whom childbirth expense is troubling

After the childbirth

Support after childbirth

When we gave birth member of National Health Insurance, childbirth childcare lump sum is paid.

Mother with anxiety can learn childcare method from childcare after the childbirth during until four months.

Support of rearer that poor physical condition interferes with nurture of child with under five months after during the pregnancy and the delivery.

Report, procedure after childbirth

Health check-up, Vaccinations

Child care support

Rent assistance lease house for child care households with. We live, and, as for the information of other house consultation, support, please see "consultation, support" moving.

Loan such as attendance at school fund, study fund

Working consultation for mother and father of single-parent home, legal advice, life consultation

People who need treatment by target disease under 18

Limbs inconvenience under 18, sound, language function disorder, the seeing and hearing disorder, cardiac disorders (when accompanied by operation), kidney disorder, with the congenital internal organs disorder (when accompanied by operation)


We celebrate birth, marriage to have memory for the life in Yokohama-shi and give commemorative sapling to people applied for. (twice a year)

Valuable Information

Emergency consultation center
Telephone: #7119 (landline of cell-phone, PHS, push line)
Or we call: 045-232-7119 (landlines of IP telephone, dial line)

Telephone: 045-722-8000
[every day] From 6:00 p.m. to 0:00 a.m.

We look for service depending on lifestyle of life stage and rearer of child

Consultation (possible anonymity) about the pregnancy, childbirth
Telephone: 045-662-5524
[every day] From 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


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