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How to receive My Number Card

Final update date April 13, 2021

Important Notice

We have time to complete the procedures for receiving your My Number Card.

By sending the grant application with the QR code of My Number Card, a very large number of people have applied for My Number Card. Therefore, it may take some time to send out and make a reservation for a notice regarding the receipt of My Number Card. We are proceeding with the shipping work, so we apologize for any inconvenience, but please wait.
For details, please refer to the fact that it may take some time to send and make a reservation for a notice regarding receipt of your My Number Card.
In addition, depending on the ward where you live, advance reservations are required at the time of the next agency. The ward office Family Registry Division's window is very crowded with the spring moving season, so if you live in a ward that requires advance reservations, please make a reservation and come.
The deadline for receiving your My Number Card is set, but it is kept for a while, so you can still receive it after the deadline.


  • If you have applied for a My Number Card and have not received it yet, please check the receipt method and receive it as soon as possible. If you do not receive it, you may need to apply for a new card.
  • If there is a change in Address application (except change in the same ward) after application of my number card, application of card is invalid, and application of card is necessary again because application of card becomes invalid.
  • About confirmation such as the application situation of my number card,Ward Office in your ward Family Registry Division where you livePlease contact me.

Flow until receipt

1.After applying for a card, write required items will send you after applying for the card.

After applying for a My Number Card, you will receive a postcard (grant letter of advice) stating how to receive the card from the ward office in your ward.
Depending on where you live, you may need to make an appointment in advance.

Please write your date and Address in advance on the back of the postcard (personal number card issuance / electronic certificate issuance notice and inquiry), and sign or seal your name.

Address and name on the back of the postcard are entered, and the part to be stamped is displayed in red frame.
Postcard entry field

Setting a PIN

When you receive your My Number Card (Personal Number Card), you will need to set a PIN at the counter.
For details, see About PIN Set with My Number Card.

If you are under 15 years of age and are using the adult guardianship system, please check here if you are the applicant.

When card applicant is under 15 years old and uses adult guardianship system, applicant and his / her legal representativelegal representative and uses the Adult Guardianship System.
For more information, see "Receiving My Number Cards for Under 15 or Adult Guardians".
In addition, when applicant cannot accompany by unavoidable reason, please see this "about receipt of my number card by proxy/agent cannot accompany the applicant due to unavoidable reasons.

If someone other than the applicant receives the card for unavoidable reasons, be sure to check here.

If the card applicant cannot come to the grant place (ward office, etc.) due to unavoidable reasons such as illness or physical disability (Note: Please come to the ward office for busy work, commuting and attending school) If not, it does not correspond to an unavoidable reason.)
For more information, see "Receiving My Number Card by proxy/agent for details.

2.I'll get the card.

Please be careful

  • Due to system troubles, etc., it may not be possible to issue it on the spot.
  • Even in that case, we will mail your My Number Card to your home at a later date by limited mail. You don't have to come to the ward office again.
  • When mailing by personal limited receipt mail, the ward office staff will be responsible for entering the PIN to be registered on the My Number Card.
  • The password received will be kept for a certain period of time along with other application documents, and will be properly discarded by cutting or melting. The set PIN can be changed at home by downloading the dedicated application software via the Internet after receiving the card. (It is also possible to change at the ward office window.)

Items to be held

  • Postcards received from Yokohama City (Personal Number Card Grant / Electronic Certificate Issuance Notice and Inquiry Form)
  • Notification card (only if you have one)
    ※The notification card will be collected when the My Number Card is issued. If you have lost it, please submit a lost report.
  • Basic Resident Register card (only for those who have been issued)
  • 2 identity verification documents

Confirm one point of "1: Identity verification document with a face photo issued by a public office" and one point of "2: Documents that can confirm the person's name and address or name and date of birth".

※The "various documents with the school name" in the letter of delivery sent assumes documents (with a seal stamp) that prove that you are a student at the school.

Example of Identification Documents
1: Identification documents with a face photo issued by the public office 2: Documents confirming the name and address of the person or the name and date of birth

(Example): Basic Resident Register card (limited to those with photos), driver's license, driving history certificate (issued on or after April 1, 2012),
Resident card, special permanent resident certificate, passport, certificate of the physically handicapped, health and welfare certificate for the mentally handicapped, nursing certificate, etc.

(Example): Health insurance card, medical care certificate, The Long-term Care Insurance's Insured Card, pension's Handbook, Employees' Card, Student ID, etc.

Example of a combination of identification documents

  • Driver's license + Health insurance card
  • Basic Resident Register Card (with photo) + Employee ID
  • Passport + pension's

Identity verification documents

Those who have a Basic Resident Register card, driver's license, and driving history certificate (issued on or after April 1, 2012)

If you can verify your identity with the information stored in the IC chip on your driver's license, etc. when issuing your My Number Card, you can issue a card by preparing one identification document. . However, in this case, it is necessary to enter the PIN set in advance on the driver's license.
※A driver's license with an IC chip has been issued since January 4, 2009 (for Kanagawa Prefecture). Please note that those who have obtained a driver's license before January 4, 2009 do not have an IC chip, so no PIN is set.

If you do not have a personal identification document with a face photo issued by a public office

Along with the postcard (personal number card issuance / electronic certificate issuance notice and inquiry form) received from Yokohama City, two copies of "2: Documents that can confirm the name and address of the person or the name and date of birth" Please bring it.

  • Identity verification documents
    • Please bring your name and Address must beresident certificate with the latest name and name.
    • Please bring your identity verification documents with an expiration date within the validity period.
    • Identity verification documents may be copied during the procedure. Please understand.
  • If you lose your notification card or Basic Resident Register card, please notify the police of the lost property. (At the counter, we will confirm the number of the notification.)
  • If you have any other questions, please contact your ward office Family Registry Division any other questions.

About receiving place of my number card

You can receive your card at your ward office Family Registry Division Card Special Center (scheduled to open on May 14, 2021) can receive the card. Depending on where you live and where you receive your card, you may need to make a reservation for the next agency. Please check the following "Procedures for each receiving location" before proceeding.

Procedures for each receiving location

Ward Office in your ward

Please see About Receipt of My Number Card and Reservation of Renewal Procedure for Digital Certificate.

My Number Card Special CenterPlease see About My Number Card Special Center.

If you live in Kohoku Ward City residents who wish to receive it at the Shin-Yokohama Temporary Window should also see About Receiving My Number Card and Reserving Digital Certificate Renewal Procedures.

Inquiries about the My Number system

Inquiries to this page

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