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Application method of my number card

Last update date June 3, 2019

News about application

  • We push ourselves forward, and time limit can use envelope until October 4, 2017 (Heisei 29) until May 31, 2022 (Reiwa 4). Please just use without putting stamp. For more detailsMy number card synthesis site (the outside site)Please confirm this.
  • The details about my number card,Summary of my number cardPlease see this.
  • As notice card collects in the case of grant of my number card, please bring by all means. We cannot own notice card and my number card at the same time.
  • As you collect in the case of my number card grant when you own Basic Resident Register card (resident registry card), please bring by all means. We cannot own resident registry card and my number card at the same time.

Flow of my number card application

Application method by mail

My number card mail application
Image of flow of my number card mail application

  1. Address or the name are listed in application enclosed by notice card beforehand. You fill in making day and signature, and, after seal, please attach photograph of the face of 3.5cm in width X 4.5cm in height.
  2. You put application in the envelope for exclusive use of application sent with notice card, and please mail in the post. Grant notification is sent by ward office if ready. (we send out from January, 2016 and start)

When there is not envelope for exclusive use of application at hand

Envelope for exclusive use of application encloses one piece to one household on sending notice card. (we do not distribute addition. Thank you for your understanding.)

As you can download when there is not exclusive envelope at hand, please use.

In addition, please mail to the following destination when you offer envelope by yourself and send. (about envelope and the postage, I would like burden toward the applicant.)

Destination of application by mail

Japan Post Co., Ltd. Kawasaki east post office P.O. Box No. 2
Local public entity information system mechanism
It is addressed to personal number card grant application reception desk center

When grant application is lost

You receive new application in ward office Family Registry Division of ward to live, or please use grant application for handwriting.
For details, please see grant application of my number card.

Application method at ward office of ward to live

Application at ward office
Image of application at ward office

I applied for my number card on mail and the Internet and handed card to ward office Family Registry Division of ward to live in receipt until now on the next agency.
In addition to this method, card comes to be able to get by the person-limited receipt mail in what we apply for at ward office Family Registry Division window of ward where applicant lives at the future.
After the application, we almost need degree before receiving for 1-2 months. When card is necessary, I would like early application.
For details, please see case to apply for my number card at ward office window

Other application methods

Other than mail and ward office application, we can apply even for PC or smartphone. For more details, please see page of my number card grant application (the outside site) of my number card synthesis site.
※It is necessary to list "application ID" (23 columns of half size numbers) with mention in grant application enclosed to notice card by application method, and to input. When you do not know this "application ID", you bring identity verification document, and come to ward office Family Registry Division of ward to live.

Receipt of my number card

After the application, I send postcard (grant notification) which grant place of card was almost listed in for one month (and sometimes around two months) by ward office.
For details, please give me receipt method nitsuiteogo * of my number card

Reference about my number system

As for the details, please see reference about my number system.

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