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2020 "good welfare course of ... comfort to join together from ... Yumegaoka" held report

Last update date September 15, 2020

Held summary

[the date and time]
  Thursday, August 6, 2020 from 10:00 to 12:00
  Izumi Ward synthesis the fourth floor of the government building 4ABC meeting room
  Yumegaoka DC Itsuki Sekimo, faruniente Tatsuya Hagiwara
[the number of participants]
  42 people

Course contents

Lecture of Part 1 Yumegaoka DC Itsuki Sekimo

 We asked about the distance before Seki who grew up in Izumi Ward establishing Yumegaoka DC in opportunity when we were interested in the welfare from your experience and local Izumi Ward. Yumegaoka DC makes various products mainly on sewing. Seki brought sample, and student attending a lecture including stationery which reused red beko derived from work and Fukushima of gorgeous flower arrangement, Braille book knew the small finish of work well.
 About welfare facilities being made for area in the future, Seki listened to student attending a lectures being thinking through everyday activity seriously, too. It was at lecture when thought of Seki to want to repay kindness of area that raised oneself through the welfare was strongly felt.

Lecture of Part 2 faruniente Tatsuya Hagiwara

 Student attending a lecture might have been drawn into lecture that began with recitation of poetry of Noriko Ibaragi "June" at a stretch. In the comfortable space of faruniente, there was thought of Hagiwara to want to increase opportunities when society participated in people with obstacle at the starting point. We had student attending a lecture speak image of place that we wanted to make for elderly person in the future while incorporating episode with people whom Hagiwara associated with.
 It was lecture when it reached student attending a lectures to be facility where wish to want you to soften look that faruniente turned to others was put.

Main voice of student attending a lecture

Point that served as a reference in course

  • Story of person who did the best in the welfare in area was good.
  • We were able to understand thought of office well. It was not driven by the staff, and it was felt that we kept person with a disability-based administration in mind. (person with a disability main character)
  • We were interested in the welfare, but did not know how you could be concerned. It was revealed, and it was useful very much that we listened to this course, and there was various relations.
  • There is not "person with a disability". It is story in having a defect for the person by chance
  • We had concept and idea of facility properly even if we said the welfare with a word and thought that it was difficult to realize that very much, but various places of today's speaker thought about that and were realized and were impressed by the thought at all.
  • In fact, at opportunity to hear "thought" of person concerned with the welfare, we think that there is few at all. Money profit was necessary, but we felt that, after all, strong "thought" was necessary and felt delightfully at all to continue business. We think that we should be able to participate as far as I can do what I can do.

To hear story of lecturer, did impression change about welfare facilities of Izumi Ward?

  • Person interested in the welfare thought that there was many, but knew what we could help with close. We want to go to bakery restaurant.
  • The welfare of person with a disability was images such as support or assistance to life, but impaired person changed in image to prepare for environment that worked shiningly. We spent in Izumi Ward, and five years passed, but thought that it was good to go to good ward.
  • We knew that there were many facilities for the first time and thought that horizontal connection, area and connected power were strong at all.
  • Importance of philosophy in root of the welfare
  • We call and hope that going place of various places become old is made.
  • We were able to know that Izumi Ward had such welfare facilities. In addition, we knew what kind of thought it affected the welfare in and felt that oneself wanted to participate in the welfare of Izumi Ward.
  • We intended to visit without the threshold.

Others, opinion, impression

  • It was sincere, and figure which faced each other won person with a disability
  • Sea bream which does not need to forget warm look
  • We heard story of two people and were able to know Izumi Ward, the current situation of Yumegaoka district. Development advances in the area where welfare center is already substantial, and new inhabitants increase. It is a pleasure what kind of area symbiosis society is formed in that.
  • As you understood to impaired person and came, we were relieved to feel like livable town could have expectation that it was possible for from now on.

From inhabitant of a ward activity support center

 It was course that might turn on lecture, and was handed down to run facility with thought that two people of lecturer were strong in each. Student attending a lectures did not stay only in local, and with various backgrounds participated, but we thought about your way of life to hear thought of lecturer, and which we wrote for questionnaire as it was a chance to pay more attention to welfare facilities which we had not performed came. We wish that the welfare becomes familiar to many people.
 In Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center, we will work in future through course and person fortune bank to support "person fortune" of local action and Izumi Ward. We look forward to much participation, inquiries.


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