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2019 "professional art handed down directly! It is handed down! How to take picture of photographs course held report

Last update date April 1, 2020

Held summary

[the date and time] Tuesday, February 4, 2020  

[venue] Izumi Ward the fourth floor of the government office 4ABC meeting room

[lecturer] B cube representative director Kawana McKie (kawanamakki) he

[applicant] 69 (30 capacity)

[participant] 61 (we did zoseki.)

Course contents

  • We invited lecturer of graphic designer & photographer, and "local action practice course" to support activity and group activity in area took up the last course about tool of communication to share information with people routinely and "photograph" that it was this year.
  • At first, we learned the basics of camera. They forbade photographing using AUTO (auto) function of camera, and all the members did the same setting as much as possible. As setting method varied, it took time by camera a little, but figure which students told was seen in which did not know. Using focus on the rocks, we photographed the neighbors and, in the middle of lecture, photographed package of cake to compare difference between wide-angle lens and telephoto lens.
  • Afterwards, we learned about how to take picture of attractive photographs to learn from coverage shooting. We saw some examples by slide and learned point that you should be careful about when you made article and did izzunya ikotto Jr. to subject and actually photographed for each group. It was photographed everybody eagerly while minding characteristic of angle and lens.

Main voice of student attending a lecture

We attended this course, and did consciousness of how to take picture of photographs and the way of utilization change?

  • We want to practice that teacher told early. He/she studied very much. We will take with A mode from now on.
  • We prepare and want to take event photorecording after imaging.
  • We want to take what kind of place you want to have in this photograph.
  • We want to make screen with self-will.
  • We were free to take with convenient camera and lens, but, taking this occasion, were going to challenge a little.

Satisfaction of course

  • We knew difference between wide-angle lens and looking into the distance.
  • Be conscious of brightness. Look for the best viewpoint. (losing viewpoint.)
  • It was interesting. Smile that thought about position of user, diversification of viewpoint
  • Attractive photograph to learn from coverage shooting. We were going to be merely conscious of composition that the making of = work which "we took" "adjusted to purpose".
  • What we did not understand even if we read manual became able to be going to use.
  • It led to confidence to have had you affirm way of oneself of taking picture.
  • We learned the basics and were good again so far as camera was sleeping. You had materials and should have been able to confirm again.
  • Way of thinking that we took while thinking about how you wanted to utilize how to take picture of composition, photograph including point when you photographed was fresh.
  • We always took in auto. It is pleasant to set in various ways. (photographs which we took are totally different)

From inhabitant of a ward activity support center

 Experienced person learned from basic knowledge, and camera beginner might have been able to confirm technique that we actually photographed and learned this time, too. As for the student attending a lecture, places to use such as public information, homepage, SNS varied, but they open communication triggered by photograph which they make use of technique that they learned in course by all means and photographed and would appreciate your making use for public information and friend offer of activity.
 In Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center, we will work in future through course and person fortune bank to support "person fortune" of local action and Izumi Ward. We look forward to much participation, inquiries.


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