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2019 "I see! We finished world heritage course (all three times).

It is fun so as to know if we know! Let's know world heritage and local charm

Last update date March 9, 2020

We invite world heritage official approval Meister and are course to be able to learn happily.
We learn world heritage and local charm, and let's go for trip to enjoy the life.

The held date and time, venue

  • Date : June 27, 2019, July 4, Thursday, July 25 10:00-12:00 (all three times tuition for free)
  • Venue : Izumi Ward the fourth floor of the government office 4AB meeting room (Izumi, Izumi-ku center north 5-1-1)

Lecturer introduction

The first: The June 27 "basic knowledge of world heritage" third: July 25 "world heritage with connection for the Olympics"

Hideo Kataoka he

  • World heritage academy authorization lecturer
  • World heritage official approval Meister
  • Roadside Station "orai hasunuma" sightseeing ambassador
  • We become the first overseas geography honor doctor and achieve Nihonichi 20 times or more in trip geography official approval foreign countries section.
  • We give a lecture in company, university, lifetime education course of each places of the whole country.

The second: July 4 "Japanese world heritage and local charm"

Junko Nemoto he

  • World heritage academy authorization lecturer
  • World heritage official approval Meister
  • We are living in Yokohama-shi
  • We are in charge of class as part-time teacher at university. We perform special class about world heritage and consecutive courses.

Application method


40 people who is interested in world heritage and local charm

  • In the case of a lot of applicants, we give priority to Izumi Ward residence, attendance at school, working which can attend, all three times courses and draw lots.
  • We will tell all the members about result by Monday, June 24.

The application deadline

Until Tuesday, June 18, 2019 17:00

Application entry

Full name, the generation, Phone number (if there is) clearly stating e-mail address,
Apply at application form of homepage or email, telephone, FAX or window.

  • We manage personal information that had you fill out appropriately and do not use other than the course purpose at all.

Application, reference

Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center

  • Izumi Ward the first floor of the government office (104 windows) telephone: 045-800-2393 FAX: 045-800-2518
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Application form

You can see flyer of course from this

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Telephone: 045-800-2391

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Fax: 045-800-2507

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