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2019 "communication course to convey with body" held report

Last update date October 25, 2019

Held summary

[the date and time]    
Friday, September 20, 2019 from 10:00 to 12:00

Izumi Ward the fourth floor of the government office 4AB meeting room

Non-language action, non-language communication lecturer
Miyo Araki he

27 people

Course contents

  • "Local action practice course" to move into action in area, and to support group activity was course of the beginning this year and took up about "communication" to be worried about many people. We invited lecturer about "non-language communication" except words including gesture and intonation this time and held course to learn in group.
  • In course, at first, from lecturer about non-language communication had to talk. Student attending a lectures saw demonstration of teacher eagerly what kind of impression speech or how to walk gave to partner.
  • We were divided into each group next and performed group work using worksheet. While we introduced ourselves, smile gradually increased to student attending a lectures who were slightly being tense first.

  • Finally non-language communication changed after the attendance how long if before attendance of course or had comment from lecturer while seeing photograph in bifour after in all the members. There were big things and small things of change, but all groups said, and smile was seen a lot. It was impressive that student attending a lectures called out to each other after course wistfully.

Than student attending a lecture questionnaire

Point that served as a reference in course

  • We thought that hug wanted to use being conscious of made "by" words.
  • Expression does not notice by oneself, i should have possibilities to look, and understood. How to get communication, it was studied.
  • Smile, posture, importance of eye contact
  • We understood well that appearance was different from own impression that we thought of.

What kind of scene do you want to utilize non-language communication in?

  • Greetings with neighboring person. Communication between families
  • We want to make use in volunteers at opportunity of story with the first meeting.
  • We enjoy meeting in women with setup, children. It wants to inflect on the spot.
  • Including Neighborhood Association, friend, family, it wants to inflect in various scenes.
  • We want to see greetings with the first meeting, conversation, eyes in house.

From Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center

Most of the student attending a lectures might have been feelings "what is non-language communication?" before participating in course.
However, we were drawn into smile of Araki of lecturer and powerful lecture and had voice, "we wanted to utilize non-language communication by all means!" by questionnaire after attendance a lot. For scene which wanted to conjugate, there were many opinions in "family, area (neighborhood), volunteer activity, the workplace".
We make use of having learned in course by all means in communication with immediate person and we have days that we did lively and would appreciate your making use. And we wish that we want you to spread ring of smile toward the circumference.

In Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center, we will work in future through course and person fortune bank to support "person fortune" of local action and Izumi Ward. We look forward to much participation, inquiries.


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