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2020 "SDGs course to begin on today" held report

It is I tachigadekirukoto ~ for the ~ future

Last update date January 19, 2021

Held summary

[the date and time]
 Friday, December 4, 2020 from 10:00 to 12:00
 Izumi, Yokohama-shi public hall hall

[the number of the applicants]
 44 (the day number of participants: 34)

Course contents

The short film "traveler who missed" (2019 production) screening to send charm of Part 1 SDGs city of the future, Yokohama

 "Traveler who missed" (2019 production)
Supervision: Old Hatsu positive
Appearance: Yuri Sakai shiburi Tomomi Itano Reo Tamaki Toshie Negishi
 Girl living on ground of Yokohama for foreign tourist who missed passenger ship in Yokohama is story that solves local problem in help, the process while borrowing power of people in neighborhood.
 "Citizen power" that is secret theme of "connection" and this product which SDGs city of the future, Yokohama assumes concept is described.

 After having finished seeing short movie for approximately these 17 minutes when Yokohama-shi produced, we think that you might feel power that underlying theme to "leave nobody" of SDGs and wisdom and power of people gather, and is brought about close.

Part 2 "SDGs to begin on today" lecture

Japanese JC official recognition SDGs ambassador (Ministry of Foreign Affairs support)
2030 SDGs card game official recognition fashiriteta

Lecturer Ryo Shimada he

The first half
 We had you tell that plural goals were led to solution at the same time again by solution of one in question concretely which goal problem that came out in short film which showed in Part 1 corresponded to while explaining each 17 goals to advocate of SDGs.
 Vague thought became slightly clear only that it was short film produced under the theme of SDGs, and understanding deepened about 17 goals.

Then, we heard example called "global warming from snack cake" as imminent problem in their rotations.
  We use palm oil in large quantities to cook snack cake which company provides at low price in large quantities. We do very large land which burns down the jungle, and was made in field of palm palm to get a large quantity of palm oil.
 As a result of having lost the jungle which turned carbon dioxide into oxygen, warming happens, and local climate changes. Then cereals which we brought up in the area do not grow, and family loses job and income. We lose opportunity not to be able to go to school as children go for working away from home when life is poor, and to learn, and it is not possible even to receive school lunch which was further nutrition source.
 We were reminded of by that we reduced number of goal of plural SDGs in the backside of distribution of snack cake sold at low price in large quantities.
 This is not to apply to only snack cake. How is the eco-back spread activity that was started in this July in Japan? On the other hand, it may be to bring about new problem to think to be wise policy if it looks from another viewpoint.
 Solution to the problem was that it was easy to be revealed that all arrested as Rubik's Cube type which linked not jigsaw puzzle type which was completed one by one in combination in this way.
 In the first half of course, we learned that we thought for achievement of goal where there was 17 SDGs with large field of vision.

The latter half
  Importance of being established as business because approach of SDGs spread among society in the latter half of course and that began from story that already many companies worked on.
 People, thing, area, posture to be concerned with a series of flows that company makes product and sells. We make somebody unhappy world somewhere by our purchasing products and may be going to take part in chain to destroy the earth. Than 100 steps of one one step of 100 people. Because personal consciousness changes, we can change country and company. People as many as possible knew approach of SDGs and learned from that, and it was revealed that what we put into action was necessary.

 And, to the stage, state of reading of poetry that poet Cathy jietoniru = kijina performed at opening ceremony of the United Nations climate change summit of 2014 was projected with picture.
kijina living in beautiful small island of the Marshall Islands is poetry to speak to baby who is your daughter. Mother promised strong determination to protect hometown using every means to island of hometown being for crisis of submergence for global warming, the world not having been opposite to that seriously and our child who fell asleep, and reading was over.
 Finally, lecture was completed with abuse and introduction of the number of the poverty and question "what do you begin from for this town in the future for future children?" that current Japanese children were placed in by Shimada.


Main voice (than questionnaire after attendance) of student attending a lecture

Point that was able to understand "SDGs" or point that we did not understand well

  • Being tool expressing every problem in the face of the Earth. Being aim that is going to arrive at solution by sharing the tool all over the world. We felt that it was necessary for each one to forge imagination through SDGs what there was behind nearby matter.
  • It was words to hear well, but was able to learn again. We did not know "something" yet, but were able to understand that individual must begin "something".
  • It is not only company even if we obtain one problem of climate change. Being responsible to me using that. Being able to change big problem for consciousness just a little. We remembered speech of kijina.
  • We understood the approach situation such as aim or company which Japan was behind with in SDGs well and were reminded by that, at first, it was important that each one acted.
  • 17 goals are related mutually and are not simple story to be OK if they achieve single aim. In consideration of relations of trade-off and fair trade, it is always necessary to think about social realization that is sustainable (leaves nobody behind) by the achievement by total.

You participated in course, and were you going to try approach to SDGs?

  • At first, what we can work on by oneself thinks about something and thinks that action changes one by one.
  • Reduction of food loss, thorough garbage collection by category, fight with discrimination.
  • Reading of poetry of the last woman was impressive. Anything wants to get along in small thing.
  • We want to tell everybody about SDGs.
  • We review 17 items at home once again and want to be conscious by being able to do it.
  • We were going to think about person whom there was in group where oneself belonged to. We are going to work hard to have big field of vision looking at the circumference well.

Opinion, impression (free entry) about future holding course

  • It was easy to understand by plain constitution. Explanation from viewpoint of business served as a reference very much, too.
  • It was popular lecturer of good feeling by very plain speech. We felt like heart seeming to be saved.
  • We had you explain clearly, and understanding advanced.
  • It was very good course. Story of Shimada was very good. It was lecture to want many people to hear.
  • We did lecture to be able to have greetings and business card from each one from lecturer in reception desk for the first time.

From Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center

 We had Ryo Shimada give a lecture in this course whether screening and SDGs of short film that Yokohama-shi was produced in approach to SDGs were things related to anything, oneself how.
 There are a lot of difficult problems to make sustainable society and the future. Still we felt that it was the best method that it turned the world into each person's consciousness to live in now changed, and to connect with action. We pray that all of you who participated are a chance to tell widely in future, and to further learn that we feel through course and thought.
 In Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center, we will carry out your activity through course in future "to learn", and to support o. We look forward to much participation, inquiries.


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