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2019 "is wonderful! Dispatch! Instagram course (all twice) held report

Last update date March 9, 2020

Held summary

[the date and time]    

  • The first: From Monday, November 25, 2019 10:00 to 11:45
  • The second: Friday, December 6, 2019 from 10:00 to 12:00


  • The first: Izumi Ward the fourth floor of the government office 4AB meeting room
  • The second: Miyanomae terrace (it becomes 4-59-41, Nakatahigashi, Izumi-ku Miyanomae Park)


  • The second
    It is active in Izumi Ward
    716crop (there is not) lecturer

23 people
All 11 house people who can take lectures twice

[participant] (each 15 capacity times)

  • The first 23  
  • The second ten

Course contents

"We learn the first from popular Instagram glamour girl! Introduction to Instagram" 

Lecturer: @ju_ur1 (Juri) he

The first invited Juri who was Yokohama-shi formula [email protected] Ambassador as lecturer and learned "pure how to take picture of photographs" "processing method".

  1. "Pure how to take picture of photographs"
    We heard explanation about invention of composition. We were able to know slight art when we took photograph with smartphone including "usage of space" and "how to decide framing".
  2. "Processing method of photograph"
    Using free editing application software, we practiced photograph processing. We compared photograph after processing if before processing, and some said, "it was great!" from of student attending a lecture and was operated everybody happily. But android, brought terminal including ipad were different from iphone each, and there was part puzzled over by operation method.
  3. "Let's put hashtag"
    There was explanation such as about rule and how to put hashtags, original hashtag.
  4. It "having been good to begin Instagram"
    We heard stories such as it having been good to keep in mind when we conveyed charm of Yokohama-shi as Yokohama-shi formula [email protected] ambassador and to begin Instagram.
    The word "that common friends increased by having begun Instagram and led to work, and own world spread" remained in impression very much.

The second "course and local production for local consumption lunch petit in stylish cafe" 

The second had you know "person who was active in Izumi Ward" and "wonderful place" and held that we had you send that in Instagram, that it was in place of communication between student attending a lectures as objective one on "Miyanomae terrace".

  • "Photoscrap booking experience"
    [lecturer] 716crop (there is not) Iwaki (Iwaki) Misako (we see and bloom) he
    At first, we had Iwaki of "716crop" where it was active in Izumi Ward perform workshop of photoscrap booking. Photograph of everybody favorite was brought and chose favorite design, and wonderful work was made.
  • "We will send in Instagram"
    Take work of photoscrap booking in photograph, and process the first reviewing photograph, and if "# lives, put Izumi Ward" in Instagram, and do the post (contribution); practiced. In addition, we performed method of "stories" or deletion method of the post (contribution) which we got a wrong together. Afterwards, we filmed indoor decoration respectively and practiced the post.
  • "Charm of Izumi Ward which we saw from reporter"
    Town news Izumi Ward editing room reporter: Hoshino (hoshino) Naho (naho) he
    We had you talk about what you kept in mind when you wrote charm and article of Izumi Ward to Hoshino who went to various spots of Izumi Ward for coverage in town news reporters.
  • "Local production for local consumption lunchtime"
    Miyanomae terrace : Takahashi (Takahashi) Hiroko (say come) he
    We had Takahashi of Miyanomae terrace talk about explanation of "local production for local consumption lunch" using ingredients which we got in Izumi Ward and activity in Izumi Ward. We talked about student attending a lecture Instagram while having delicious local production for local consumption lunch and responded and were able to spend harmonious time. If "# lived, we soaked Izumi Ward" and, after the everybody course, posted state of course.

Main voice of student attending a lecture

[the first course]

  • Pleasure to do photograph splendidly, and to improve increased. We look forward to being connected to people newly.
  • It was very significant time. The staff tells kindly and, including juri teacher, is thanks.
  • We thought that young generation used Instagram. We processed photograph more and more and wanted to enjoy in future.
  • When distributed android and iphone, was smooth; ... But we were able to participate happily. Thank you.
  • We think that it was better when we have time a little for a longer time. And when there was point, we wanted to hear how to increase follower.

[the second course]

  • Method to nominate scrap booking (thing which we made) for Instagram. As well as scenery photograph, idea to nominate thing which we made for was interesting.
  • Many kinds of Izumi Ward product vegetables were very delicious, and lunch was cooked and we felt the volume and were very satisfied very much though it was light-seasoned plainly. We have very plain resume and seem to be able to utilize contribution method of Instagram from now on.
  • We lived in Izumi Ward for a long time, but what we could know in various ways was good again. We thought that it was good to live in Izumi Ward.
  • There was not readily opportunity to post in Instagram, but it is in Izumi Ward and, in reference to having told, thinks that we should be able to send usual times a little more. Lunch was very delicious. In addition, we want to participate if there are any such courses.


From inhabitant of a ward activity support center

We opened a course in it being the making of opportunity that this course was attended through Instagram and expanded your activity and local action lively as objective one. In addition, it is "timing when Sotetsu Line is postponed till to Tokyo" that "Izumi Ward formula Instagram establishes, and it is one year" and has you send "charm of Izumi Ward" in Instagram by all means and thinks with ... if you can know good place of Izumi Ward to many people more.

"Satisfaction of course" replied, "we are satisfied", and 80% replied, "we are approximately satisfied", and 10% and 90% seem to have been almost satisfied with questionnaire after course.
In addition, there is opinion "that it is questionnaire and "we touch figure of doing its best for Izumi Ward and thought that we are thankful", and we can know good place of Izumi Ward, and Izumi Ward came to like more and more" and feels that it might have been a chance to have you know not only Instagram but also Izumi Ward.

As we hold course that it is for the making of opportunity to support local action in future in Izumi inhabitant of a ward activity support center, we let you pray and be.


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