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List of bills (2001 first regular assembly additional bill)

Last update date March 20, 2019

"Result" of list shown below is voting result. We publish after the voting.

List of bills
 Bill numberBill nameContentsResult
The sum
City No. 169 billSettlement about anesthesia dosage accident in former Yokohama-shi beloved child centerSettlement article with the other party about anesthesia dosage accident in former Yokohama-shi beloved child centerThe approval
City No. 170 billAppointment of Board of Education committee memberWe suggest by regulations of law Article 4 Paragraph 1 about organization of district educational administration and administration to appoint successor as term of one Motoichi Board of Education committee member Yoshiaki Sekine others expires on April 1, this year.Agreement
gidai 18 billSubmission of statement of position about minimum wages revisionIn revision of Kanagawa minimum wages of 2001, we request with special consideration as the following point to plan more enhancement of system.
1.You perform revision question of Kanagawa minimum wages early, and perform revision appropriate to new wage of general worker. In addition, plan similar measures about revision of minimum wages according to industry.
2.Minimum wages according to area of Kanagawa assume sum basics at time, and plan the increase.
3.Plan common knowledge thorough purpose and contents to lose minimum wages following workers in Kanagawa in deference to independence of council for local minimum wages in revision of minimum wages.
The approval

※For details, we can read bill book in citizen's information center on the first floor of the city hall. (except petition)

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