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Let's prevent accident of elderly person in immediate people including family!

Last update date March 3, 2020

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Let's prevent accident of elderly person in immediate people including family!
―We will review surroundings of elderly person for accident prevention

Accident of elderly person includes various elements peculiar to elderly person and as various places to be close of elderly person including not only elderly person but also family and relative, neighborhood, local are conscious, can prevent many accidents.

We are careful about the following points and will do in particular confirmation, review about personal environment and action, custom of elderly person.
1.To mental and physical change of elderly person, we reconfirm domestic environment, and let's reduce point becoming dangerous to elderly person including step and point burdening.
2.It always confirms work that elderly person performs well, and it will consider to call to always write down work if there are any different places.
3.Product which elderly person uses does not have problem, or there are not trouble and deterioration, malfunction, or let's confirm whether it is not product targeted for recall.
4.We confirm everyday custom of elderly person, and let's be careful about the handling or storage that we seem to drink by mistake of the things.
5.We will collect right information about security and accident prevention of elderly person.

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