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Reporting based on regulations of the consumers security method

Last update date February 26, 2020

Living of consumers

Reporting from Consumer Affairs Agency based on regulations of the consumers security method

We invite the purchase of currency sum of Uzbekistan at exchange rate of about 2,900 times
About company talking about the name of "Blacklock Japan" alert

Consumer Affairs Agency performs (called "we alert in the last time" as follows.) to alert about three sum sale companies inviting the purchase of currency sum (called "sum" as follows.) of Uzbekistan on November 25, 2015.
There was information that company ("false Blacklock" as follows.) which talked about the name of Blacklock Japan company (is "genuine Blacklock" as follows.) which was asset operational company which existed used alerting and invitation material which closely resembled last time this time.
We announce information to contribute to prevention of outbreak of consumers damage or expansion based on regulations of consumers security law (2009 law No. 50) Article 38 Paragraph 1 because we confirmed act (telling insincerity) that might hurt its benefit of consumers in the business with false Blacklock unfairly when Consumer Affairs Agency investigates and appeal to consumers for attention.

The details of Consumer Affairs Agency homepage news

About "company talking about the name of Blacklock Japan" alert (Consumer Affairs Agency); (PDF: 959KB)

[summary of false Blacklock]
NameBlacklock Japan
The location1-8-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Marunouchi trust tower Main Building
RepresentativeYoshiyuki Izawa
Capital2.435 billion yen (as of March 31, 2016)

※It is contents listed in invitation material which false Blacklock sent to consumers. Genuine Blacklock existing on the location concerned is totally unrelated to false Blacklock.
※Business name of genuine Blacklock between Blacklock and Japan is "gaaru "Blacklock Japan", but it looks like it for name of false Blacklock; "become hanaku "Blacklock Japan".
※Please be careful not to be wrong with company of genuine Blacklock or the similar name.

[summary of trick of invitation]
(1)There is a phone call for consumers who encountered fraud damage from company (say "Company A" as follows.) where is different from false Blacklock in the past. Consumers are approached with by Company A to be that file a suit where we take past fraud damage amount of money out of Company A or company where the person concerned (we say "Company A" collectively as follows.) of "association of victims" performed the fraud concerned back, and to participate in the trial.
(2)To consumers who would participate in trial of above (1), there is a phone call again from Company A. We are told saying "we lost the case at trial" was not able to take past fraud damage amount of money out of Company A at trial by the reason of "home of company which performed fraud went bankrupt" as for the consumers back.
And consumers are approached with past fraud damage by false Blacklock if consumers purchase paper money of sum for 100,000 yen per one piece from false Blacklock from Company A by Company A buying that at price of double saying that they can recover to purchase sum.
(3)When consumers meet a demand of Company A and they build telephone over false Blacklock and order sum, invitation information that the following documents entered home about consumers is mailed by false Blacklock.
Company profile of false Blacklock
Document which sales price (1,000 soms = 100,000 yen) and term of a guarantee (ten years) of sum were listed in
The purchase applications
(4)Consumers are directed to remit the price for sum to personal house by home delivery by false Blacklock. Sum bills of thing that we ordered from false Blacklock are delivered by consumers after consumers remitted the price for sum according to the instructions. Afterwards, as for the consumers, telephone is not connected to false Blacklock or Company A, and purchase of sum by Company A is not carried out, too.

[advice to consumers]
* It is strongly doubted to false Blacklock that business is insubstantial when based on fact that our agency identified. When invitation material arrives from false Blacklock or when you are demanded to purchase sum that false Blacklock sells assuming purchase of high price, please never accept.
* Company letting we offer business such as foreign currencies saying that past fraud damage of consumers can be restored, and money pay to consumers exists. When recovery of past fraud damage is approached with by companies as recovery of fraud damage is very difficult, please never swallow whole.
* We may talk about the names such as companies where fraudulent companies inviting exist. Let's confirm contents of invitation well without trusting easily because we are familiar for the names such as companies.
* It is trick of typical fraud to demand the purchase of foreign currency which other companies handle assuming purchase of high price. As it fluctuates, as for the exchange rate of foreign currency, sale price for long term may not be generally guaranteed by economic conditions. In addition, foreign currency having difficulty in exchange exists a lot in main financial institution in Japan.
Let's confirm possibility of exchange rate and sale by all means in the nearest financial institutions before usually proposing business about unfamiliar foreign currency.
* It is trick of typical fraud to be going to let you send cash by home delivery. Please never accept even if requested to send cash by home delivery by companies.
* Let's talk with consumer life consultation counter and the police before paying money when there is doubt about such a business.

Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center
Phone number for exclusive use of consultation

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