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Reporting based on regulations of the consumers security method

Last update date February 26, 2020

Living of consumers

Reporting from Consumer Affairs Agency based on regulations of the consumers security method

To consumers in hope of at-home work under the name of homepage making charges
About two at-home work companies letting pay a large amount of money alert

After December, 2015, consultation to affect company declaring offer of at-home work is sent to consumer service centers of each place.
As or "system net" confirmed act (telling insincerity) that might hurt its benefit of consumers in the business with "business system" (called "business system" as follows.) unfairly (called "system net" as follows.) when Consumer Affairs Agency investigates, we announce information to contribute to prevention of outbreak of consumers damage or expansion based on regulations of consumers security law (2009 law No. 50) Article 38 Paragraph 1 and appeal to consumers for attention.

The details of Consumer Affairs Agency homepage news

[summary of company]
The existing business name ※2
(old business name)
System netBusiness system
(business net)
The location17-1-7F, Nihonbashikabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo2-7-10-2F, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
RepresentativeHiroshi OdaAkira Ito

In this public announcement sentence, "two companies" mean system net and business system in addition.
※Summary of above two companies is contents listed in each above website and contract.
※Company name is in point written the alphabet in each above website of two companies.
※There are two companies for each site in above staying in the locale neither, and commercial registration to affect each site in above staying in the locale does not exist.
※Please be careful not to be wrong with company of the same name or the similar name.

[summary of trick of invitation]
(1)We invite on website.
(2)Through the training, can earn consumers; let mind.
(3)It becomes at the time of contract and demands large amount of initial expense suddenly.
(4)Under the name of version up, we demand large amount of additional expenses.
(5)We request to borrow money from consumers that there is not money in financial institutions, and to pay.

[advice to consumers]
(1)Material (PDF: 414KB) to alert of the advice last time in case of alerting of the last time
In the case of alerting in the last time, we advise consumers as follows.
* Let's confirm breakdown of expense and the propriety well in writing before warning enough company requesting payment of suddenly a large amount of money after contract and the contract without stating that a large amount of money is necessary about at-home work clearly beforehand, and paying money.
* Let's confirm precondition, escape clause of reward regulations and guarantee well in writing before warning company which is going to let you let you borrow money again and do the payment which guarantees future profit, and declares refund guarantee, and is going to let a large amount of money pay assuming that enough, and paying money.
* It is illegal we feign occupation, yearly income, the use purpose, and to borrow money from financial institution. Please never make a deal with company seducing such a thing.
* Such a business may correspond to duties offer inducement dealership to prescribe in Specified Commercial Transactions Law (1976 law No. 57) Article 51 Paragraph 1. When we correspond to duties offer inducement dealership, 2 regulations of law Article 58 and Article 58 make possible cancellation of declaration of intention of application of contract that insincerity is told in the case of cooling off (cancellation of contract) and invitation of less than 20 days from day when they received document which clarified contract content and mistook or the consent.
* The front to borrow money from when there is doubt about such a business let's talk with consumer life consultation counter and the police before paying.

Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center
Phone number for exclusive use of consultation

(2)New advice to add this time
As there is no end to consumers damage by trick that is similar after alerting of the last time, we advise newly as follows this time.
* We receive explanation beforehand where own sentence that we made is published in by at-home work to make sentences such as catch phrases how, and we are published according to the prior explanation, or let's confirm well. Let's avoid business with company which the publication situation of own sentence that we made cannot identify.
* When payment of money is demanded for at-home work saying that making of homepage is necessary, at-home work and relations and oneself of the homepage will confirm reading and editing of the homepage beforehand whether there is. Let's avoid business with company prohibiting reading and editing of the homepage.
* When own deposit balance sends displayed transfer statement to company, own deposit balance is grasped by company of transmission, and payment may be forced to do. Business with company which is going to let transfer statement transmit will be careful enough.
* When payment of money is demanded saying that version up of homepage is necessary, we receive explanation about the details of contents for change by the need and version up beforehand, and change according to prior explanation is done after the version up, or let's confirm well.

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