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Please be careful about food poisoning by poisonous plant in private vegetable gardens

Last update date February 26, 2020

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Please be careful about food poisoning by poisonous plant in private vegetable gardens

Consumers purchase seedlings in gardening shop, and it is popular we cultivate edible plant (vegetables, wild grass, herb) in private vegetable gardens, and to gather, but there is the risk that serious food poisoning occurs when we gather poisonous plant by mistake and eat.
42 people were poisoned by food by having eaten poisonous plant through private vegetable garden or wild plants collecting at home in 2015 (connection with poisonous plant includes doubted example.) . Of these, four people die, and the death toll becomes the most in the past 10 years.
Based on the above, we carried out questionary survey of consciousness, action about eating of plant which we brought up at home and plant which grew naturally targeting at 2,000 consumers of the whole country in Consumer Affairs Agency and gathered up point that was important to prevent food poisoning by poisonous plant based on the result. We requested affiliate to work on the food poisoning prevention by poisonous plant including well-known enlightenment to consumers in total.
As food poisoning by poisonous plant occurs a lot every year for in spring particularly from April to May, please be careful in particular in season in the future.

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