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Please be careful about drinking by mistake, false meal accidents of elderly person!

Last update date February 27, 2020

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Please be careful about drinking by mistake, false meal accidents of elderly person!

It is approached to Consumer Affairs Agency 165 information of drinking by mistake, false meal accident of elderly people 65 years or older so far, and accident that drinking by mistake ate in press through pack seat (※ 1) and partial dentures, bleaching agent, desiccating agent of medicine mistakenly is frequent.
It is thought that risk of drinking by mistake, false meal increases by drop, dementia of body function and judgement such as sight, taste as for the elderly person. In family having elderly person, let's be usually careful about the following points to prevent accident.

Press through pack sheet of 1 medicine does not separate to by one tablet.
2 food and medicine and other thing separate and keep.
We do not move thing except 3 food to container for food.
We do not put thing which is unnecessary for arriving place of 4 dementia of the hand and dangerous thing.

(※ 1) We say thing which we share pharmaceutical products with "press through pack sheet" by one tablet with thin seat and plastic such as aluminum by abbreviation of "Press Through Package" and wrapped.

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