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Reporting based on regulations of the consumers security method

Last update date February 26, 2020

Living of consumers

Reporting from Consumer Affairs Agency based on regulations of the consumers security method

We are going to let you pay money in unpaid rate names of pay video site using SMS
About "company which talked about", Consumer Affairs Agency alerted.

Because we sent SMS (short message service) (note 1) written, "DMM shifts to personal life investigation and legal action of forcible execution when there was reading history of pay video and did not inform company of registration cancellation on the day." to cell-phone of consumers, and consultation to modify company to intimidate consumers whom we contacted, and to request outstanding payment rates of pay video from was put to consumer service centers of each place, Consumer Affairs Agency investigated.
As a result, Consumer Affairs Agency announced information to contribute to prevention of outbreak of consumers damage or expansion based on regulations of consumers security law Article 38 Paragraph 1 because they confirmed act (intimidating, and confounding) (note 2) which might hurt its benefit of consumers in the business with "company which talked about" (called "Company A" as follows.) unfairly.

(note 1) Message service to do cell-phone number in address not e-mail address, and to transmit and receive
(note 2) About the conclusion, observance of a contract of contract, withdrawal, cancellation, the cancellation of a contract of application, you deceive consumers, and you intimidate, and confound.

The details of Consumer Affairs Agency homepage news

About "company talking about" alert (Consumer Affairs Agency); (PDF: 414KB)
[consultation example]
(1)Sender name is displayed with "DMM" by cell-phone of consumers; "there is reading history of paid video, and SMS where unfamiliar thing was listed in, shift to personal life investigation and legal action of forcible execution when do not contact Company A by registration cancellation on the day." has been sent.
(2)Company A talks about performing administration of streaming site when we contact contact information (Company A) where consumers who felt anxiety were listed in in SMS on seeing SMS and deceives when there is reading history of pay video and requires payment of money under the pretense of outstanding payment rates of pay video site for consumers and purchases gift card (we mention the details later) (called "gift card" as follows.) of mail order site major as Payment method in combination two ensusutoa and appoints card numbers of gift card to tell Company A.
(3)Consumers go to convenience stores depending on demand of Company A from jitters and purchase gift card.
(4)Consumers convey card numbers listed on the back of the gift card, and they pay money that notokoro Company A requires to Company A after all.

[advice to consumers]
It is trick of fraud that company asks consumers with "we want to purchase gift card and to tell card numbers.".
You must not telephone even if you have been sent, "there is reading history, and sender, please contact ... as soon as possible of pay video site." in "DMM" and displayed SMS. In addition, you purchase gift card, and please never do that you tell card numbers.
It will prevent you from accepting request for rate of unfamiliar pay site.
When there is doubt about such a cold call, let's talk with consumer life synthesis center and the police.

Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center
Phone number for exclusive use of consultation

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