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Let's be careful about burn of child with heaters and injury!

Last update date February 26, 2020

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Let's be careful about burn of child with heaters and injury!

It was put accident information 357 cases 1 of child with product (called "heaters" as follows.) which used the warmth for the purpose of taking in winter 6 years or younger to Consumer Affairs Agency mainly, and 240 cases equal to about 70% were accidents of burn. Accidents begin to increase from November, and, in December, January becomes peak.
We will tell in particular about precaution to prevent accident about each of 4 product line of (1) stove and heater that there was much accident information, (2) kotatsu, (3) humidifier, (4) hot-water bottle and bean jam.
If environment such as grandparents's house was usual, in accident, there was thing which occurred in different whereabouts not home. About the risk of product which we do not use at home and are not used to, it is hard to recognize for protector. In addition, child is full of curiosity, and it is thought about what we want to be involved in if there are any products which we have not looked at. As it is time to increase that stays by homecoming of New Year holidays any place other than the home, let's warn in particular.

※About emergency measures, you advised doctor (please refer to the following, reference 1 of PDF file for the details.) .

Advice (extract) of <doctor>
When burn itself by any chance, wider heat; it becomes important enough at all under running water at emergency stage to cool not to cut if is not crowded. Points when we cool are as follows.
Let's cool part which burnt itself with running water such as tap water or shower for from 15 minutes to 20 minutes.
Let's cool with clothes on without being going to take off forcibly when we take boiling water from clothes.
When burn is extensive and sprinkles running water to whole body, let's be careful about hypothermia.
Burn may not get cold with commercially available seat getting cold enough.
In addition, dermatopathy may occur by putting seat on injury side directly.
As there might be frostbite when we cool with thing which froze, it will avoid to cool directly.

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