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About dermatopathy by use of natural rubber product

Last update date February 26, 2020

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There is possibility of allergy to latex in dermatopathy by use of natural rubber product!
Let's talk with allergist.

By skin and contact with latex protein in natural rubber, we blush, and latex allergy is thing which dermatopathy such as itch, hives develops in, but is that big characteristic may rarely cause anaphylactic shock (blood pressure drop or disturbance of consciousness). In the case of the worst, anaphylactic shock may result in death and is very dangerous.
As there is possibility of allergy to latex in person who has developed dermatopathy in case using natural rubber product, let's confirm contact with natural rubber product in consultation with medical institution which is specialized in reserve, allergy whether you are latex allergy.
In addition, attention is necessary for intake of fruit as patients with allergy to latex eat fruit such as chestnut or banana, and latex fruit syndrome may develop.

1.About allergy to latex
If latex is allergic, latex protein included in natural rubber becomes allergen and, as allergic symptom, becomes reddish, and dermatopathy such as itch, hives develops, and it features to rarely cause anaphylactic shock such as dyspnea, blood pressure drop or disturbance of consciousness.
In addition, latex fruit syndrome by intake of fruit may develop in patients with allergy to latex, and the onset risk is high, and attention is necessary for chestnut in particular, banana, avocado and kiwi fruit as it is aggravated.
Natural rubber may be used in rubber products such as rubber gloves, toy balloon, condom, medical tube (catheter) depending on product.
It understands that allergy to latex always wears rubber gloves made of natural rubber, and there are a great many skin and mucous membrane and frequency of contact with latex protein, and barrier-related (function to prevent alien substance invasion) of the skin surface touches with natural rubber product with decreasing state 3 for chronic skin roughness according to the allergy to Japanese latex society (cf. following PDF file) that there is the onset risk. Particularly, attention is necessary for waking up skin roughness for which engages in medical engagement, manufacturing industry, cleaning business or care business, and wears rubber gloves made of natural rubber frequently, 4 receiving medical acts such as operations many times, atopic dermatitis chronically as the onset risk is high.

2.The onset example of allergy to latex
In allergy to Japanese latex society, we perform report of the onset example about allergy to latex by academic conference every year.
[example 1] Example that allergy to latex developed in with gloves made of natural rubber
Hives appeared to whole body when part-time job staff in the 30s attached natural rubber rubber gloves made during working hours in fast food restaurant and were conveyed to medical institution. As a result of inspection, allergy to latex was diagnosed. It was instructed during work by doctor that we used gloves (plastic gloves) which did not include natural rubber. (the report year: in 2014 30s woman)
[example 2] Example that allergy to latex developed in child with a history of operation in toy balloon
As we came to repeat symptom that lips and eyelids swelled up when 5-year-old child played toy balloon, we consulted medical institution. Because the child concerned underwent two times of brain surgery in the past, allergy to latex was doubted by interview. Therefore after inspecting, allergy to latex was diagnosed. (the report year: in 2005 5 years old man)

3.To consumers
Possibility of allergy to latex is doubted if we have developed dermatopathy to hand and lips at the time of use such as rubber gloves or toy balloon made of natural rubber. When we have such an experience, we avoid that we contact natural rubber product, and we talk with medical institution which is specialized in allergy, and let's confirm. It is one of the precaution of dermatopathy and anaphylactic shock that recognizes that oneself has allergic predisposition.
Please consult medical institution immediately when symptom of dermatopathy suspected that latex is allergic using natural rubber product develops as diagnosis, measures with medical institution are necessary. Medical institution which is specialized in allergy is available for search of specialist from website of Japanese Society of Allergology.
Specialist search page of Japanese Society of Allergology website (the outside site)

When allergy to latex is diagnosed, we are careful about the following points, and, according to instructions of doctor, let's act for prevention of recurrence.
In addition, we will talk about the need of carrying of adrenalin self injection medicine with doctor.

<precaution for prevention of recurrence>
(1)Let's avoid contact with natural rubber product. When we use rubber product, let's confirm whether natural rubber is included in the product concerned. When there is not ingredient indication, please confirm in store and company.
(2)Medical examination of medical institution when have an operation, let's tell that is allergy to latex to doctor and nurse beforehand.
(3)We understand that there might be the onset of latex fruit syndrome by intake of fruit, and let's refrain from intakes. As specific fruit called chestnut, banana, avocado and kiwi fruit has high onset risk, and it is revealed that it is aggravated, attention is particularly necessary.

In addition, when a part of body including lips and eyelids repeats symptom to swell up with toy made of natural rubber about child, possibility of latex allergy avoids contact with natural rubber product as it is thought, and let's consult medical institution.

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