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About company which calls itself the Olympics foundations alert

Last update date February 26, 2020

Living of consumers

Reporting from Consumer Affairs Agency based on regulations of the consumers security method

It is belonging to consumers, and, under the pretense of "the Olympics foundation", there is ticket application for a large amount of Tokyo Olympics
About that company which is going to let is, and pay money in falsehood, name of deletion of personal information alert

We call consumers's house under the pretense of "the Olympics foundation" and, after August, 2015, feign as if it is belonging to consumers, and there is ticket application of a large amount of Tokyo Olympics, and as a result of "having investigated, for consumers who replied that we do not apply for ticket, your (it has the same consumers as follows.) personal information appears in list of crime group." We say, "in this situation, your bank account is seized.", and deceive consumers and we intimidate and confound, and consultation modifying company where we are going to request money from under the name of deleting by personal information is put to Consumer Centers of each place by the list concerned.
We announce information to contribute to prevention of outbreak of consumers damage or expansion based on regulations of consumers security law (2009 law No. 50) Article 38 Paragraph 1 because we confirmed act (intimidating, and confounding) (note) which might hurt its profit of consumers in the business with "company which calls" itself "the Olympics foundation" unfairly when Consumer Affairs Agency investigates and appeal to consumers for attention.

(note), about the conclusion, observance of a contract of contract, withdrawal, cancellation, the cancellation of a contract of application, deceive consumers, and intimidate, and confound.

The details of Consumer Affairs Agency homepage news

[summary of company]
NameThe Olympics foundation, the Japanese Olympics foundation, association of Olympics, Japanese association of Olympics, Japan sports center (is called "the Olympics foundations" collectively as follows.)
The locationAll are unknown
Business outlineAll ticketing of the Tokyo Olympics (business outline that but the Olympics foundations told to consumers)

(※ 1) The Olympics foundations are not connected with existing Olympics-related group of Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and Japanese Olympic Committee at all.
(※ 2) Please be careful not to be wrong with the Olympics foundations and company of the same name or the similar name.

[summary of concrete example]
(1)There is a phone call for home of consumers from person (called "A" as follows.) who gives the name saying "it is 0 0 of the Olympics foundation.", and it is said that it is, "we had you propose admission ticket of the Tokyo Olympics for 3 million yen.".
(2)Because consumers were innocent, we tell that we do not propose.
(3)Then A "surely has application by your (it has the same consumers as follows.) name." "In fact, there are around ten people encountered similar damage in the prefecture." We say, "our foundation investigates, in cooperation with the police.".
Furthermore, A says, "please tell personal information including your date of birth for investigation in necessary one." and is going to get personal information of consumers.
(4)There was a phone call again from A and as a result of "having investigated, understood that your name appeared in list of crime group." in a few minutes "Your name seems to have been used, by crime." We say, "we hear from lawyer, of our foundation.".
(5)Afterwards, there is a phone call from person giving lawyer of Olympics foundations, "your personal information appears in list of crime group. In this situation, your bank account is seized." When "account is seized, you cannot get pension , too." "We delete your personal information from list, it is necessary to go through the procedure. We say may we go through the procedure?and require money to consumers to delete personal information of consumers from the list concerned and appoint to send cash to individual's house.
(6)There are consumers who notice falsehood, and escape encountering damage, but, in consumers, there is example remitting depending on demands such as the Olympics foundations from jitters.

[advice to consumers]
* In the Olympics foundations, representative or location, contact information are not clear, and it is strongly doubted that there is not the actual situation of business (ticketing of the Tokyo Olympics). Even if there are ticket application for Tokyo Olympics and telephone about the purchase from person giving Olympics foundations and person concerned, it will prevent you from never accepting for hanging up immediately.
* "Your personal information appears in list of crime group." from person giving Olympics foundations and person concerned on the telephone "In this situation, your bank account is seized." Even if it is said, "you cannot get pension when bank account is seized.", and remittance to delete personal information is sought by the list concerned, you must never accept. Let's talk with consumer life consultation counter (consumer service centers) and the police before remitting.
* Company "must not talk with anyone." in case such as invitation It is trick of fraud to say, "you must not tell to family either.". Let's talk with family and consumer life consultation counter (consumer service centers) before doing contracts.
* Trick to let you send cash by home delivery to personal house is seen, but "individual's house" "sends cash by home delivery." remittance and As this is trick of fraud, please never send.

Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center
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