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Consultation rapid increase! For the purchase periodical intention of "trial?"

Last update date February 26, 2020

Living of consumers

From National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan alert

Consultation rapid increase! For the purchase periodical intention of "trial?"
‐Let's confirm contents of contract properly without accepting advertisement to declare low price‐

Troubles that, actually, were the purchase contract for fixed period increase rapidly when consumers are homepage or SNS, and "there is which "there is diet effect" in breast enhancement effect", and "celebrity actress purchases products at price that is usually cheaper than price on seeing use" and advertisement to sing which "it is good for health".
While recognition of consumers is "only "trial" once", other than consultation to be automatically replaced by the purchase for fixed period when consumers stop voluntarily, and they do not go through the procedure by trouble over the periodical purchase, it is actually put a lot consultation that it is to the purchase contract for fixed period.
In addition, after being going to offer the cancellation of a contract, which "call does not lead to company" is seen in consultation "that price was usually requested from by company though we thought that only the first price should pay".

[advice to consumers]

<let's confirm contract contents and the cancellation of a contract condition>
It is point for what we judge carefully whether you contract with after having confirmed the contents when there are presence, indication of indication about contract contents and the cancellation of a contract condition on advertisement not to get into trouble.
Attention is particularly necessary on order from smartphone recently as example "that I did not see indication of small letter very well because we ordered with smartphone" is seen.
* Let's confirm contents of contract whether the periodical purchase does not become condition
The purchase may become condition for fixed period such as the continuation purchase in plural months even if displayed "only with the "trial" (price) "first ○ Japanese yen" postage" by advertisement on homepage and SNS.
Let's confirm contract contents well whether it is not purchased regularly before ordering products.
* Let's confirm condition of the cancellation of a contract
We are often refused when we cannot cancel the periodical purchase period and are seen from company when consumers are going to cancel when we see example.
"We say of the cancellation of a contract, and the place where one go to or method" (telephone or email) will confirm "is the cancellation of a contract possible within the periodical purchase period?" before ordering products.

<when we get into trouble, let's talk with consumer service center>
Have contracted without noticing with the periodical purchase, want to cancel, but let's talk with the nearest Consumer Center when cannot understand, and is uneasy, and thing and trouble to think occur for request from company which method does not understand.
In addition, when we have fallen sick, we cancel use of products immediately, and let's receive diagnosis of doctor immediately when still state is not improved.

Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center
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