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Please be careful about accidents taking a bath of elderly person occurring frequently in winter!

Last update date February 27, 2020

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Please be careful about accidents taking a bath of elderly person occurring frequently in winter!

Bathing is one of the important lifestyles of our country where not only we keep body clean, but also can expect relaxation effect of. On the other hand, depending on the physical situation and environment of bathing when we take a bath, there is the risk that disturbance of consciousness is caused and does urine water, and to be connected for serious accident. After analyzing vital statistics, the number of the drowned people in domestic bathtub rises about 70% in ten years and becomes 4,866 people in 2014. Elderly person (65 years or older) occupies about 90% soon, and elderly person requires attention in particular.
According to the questionary survey that Consumer Affairs Agency carried out targeting at consumers 55 years or older, people who knew that even cheerful person usually had bathing accident without chronic disease remained in 34%, and risk of bathing accident was not publicized enough. In addition, people who protected, "it was within ten minutes and goes up in 41 degrees or less" that it was indication in safe bathing method remained in 42%, and people who did not carry at all out measures to warm up bathrooms existed 36% more, and it was revealed that safety measures of consumers were insufficient. Under these circumstances, person of about 10% got puffed up during bathing and had an experience of losing consciousness, and having felt a chill.
Let's be careful about the following points to take a bath safely.

(1) Let's warm dressing room and bathroom before bathing.
(2) yuon is 41 degrees or less, and ten minutes will be used as an indication at time to soak in hot water.
(3) It will prevent you from standing up suddenly from bathtub.
(4) Also, let's refrain from immediate bathing after a meal until alcohol falls out.
(5) We put housemate under a roar before taking a bath and will have you patrol.

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