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Please be careful about accidents of child by playground equipment!

Last update date February 26, 2020

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Please be careful about accidents of child by playground equipment!

It is important to move body, and to play for mental and physical growth of child. Playing using playground equipment (slide and swing, horizontal bar, jungle gym) installed in amusement places such as park, open space and school, child-care facility, recreation facility, store is important part. On the other hand, accident of child by playground equipment is sent to 1,518 Consumer Affairs Agency, and we need hospitalization soon or accident that treatment period comes to have three weeks or more occupies 30% neighborhood (397) (for registration from September, 2009 to the end of December, 2015).
"Appropriate setting of playground equipment" by manager of playground equipment, approach to safety measures such as "plain notices such as instructions" becomes premise "check" to prevent accident, but, on the other hand, there are many accidents that are avoided as user and people watching warn.
In Consumer Affairs Agency, we perform request to administration about accident prevention by playground equipment concerned ahead of spring when accidents by playground equipment begin to increase and will tell consumers about precaution when we let child play playground equipment.
There are various causes for accident by playground equipment, but there are many points that are common as point where you should be careful about. Let's be in particular careful about the following points.

(1) Let's follow age targeted for facility and playground equipment.
(2) Protector will attend infant six years or younger.
(3) Let's be careful about clothes and belongings of child.
(4) We will let you protect how to use every playground equipment.
(5) It will let preventing joking by waiting to use playground equipment for, and overwhelming people in circumference and from pushing away.
(6) Let's be careful about weather.
(7) With the use near at hand, I will inform manager if I find malfunction and damage of playground equipment.

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