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Reporting based on regulations of the consumers security method

Last update date February 26, 2020

Living of consumers

Reporting from Consumer Affairs Agency based on regulations of the consumers security method

Pretend that you run business such as development of wind-generated electricity system
About "ecology life" to solicit the corporate bond purchase for alert

Because we pretended that we ran business such as development of wind-generated electricity system after August, 2015, and consultation to modify company which invited the purchase of unsecured convertible bonds type subscription warrant corporate bond (called "corporate bond" as follows.) with was put to consumer service centers of each place, Consumer Affairs Agency investigated.
As a result, Consumer Affairs Agency announced information to contribute to prevention of outbreak of consumers damage or expansion based on regulations of consumers security method Article 38 Paragraph 1 because they confirmed act (telling insincerity) that might hurt its benefit of consumers in the invitation of "ecology life" (called "ecology life" as follows.) unfairly.

The details of Consumer Affairs Agency homepage news

About "ecology life" alert (Consumer Affairs Agency); (PDF: 1,758KB)
[consultation example]
(1)Ecology life sends envelope (called "envelope" as follows.) which complete sets (called "invitation material" as follows.) such as applications of brochure and corporate bond which listed company profile of the company and business outline and summary of wind-generated electricity to do entered to consumers.
(2)Afterwards, there is a phone call for consumers from person (is called "the purchase applicant" as follows.) claiming to hope for the purchase of corporate bond of ecology life, but "want to purchase corporate bond person ( for the corporate bond If as have the same as follows, and only relative of) or the person can purchase, there is a phone call from ecology life, I (the purchase applicant) you (consumers. We ask, we want you to answer that it has the same as follows and is relative of).
(3)Depending on consumers, we consent to request of the purchase applicant.
(4)Afterwards, to consumers who consented to request of the purchase applicant, there is telephone confirming relations with the purchase applicant from ecology life, and consumers reply, "the purchase applicant is relative of oneself." (consumers).
(5)A few days later, there is a phone call for consumers from ecology life, as "you told a lie, account of ecology life has been stopped. We require payment of money, we want you to pay 3 million yen of 10% of 30 million yen (corporate bond purchased amount of the purchase applicant) as the responsibility.
(6)In addition, there is a phone call for consumers from the person concerned who is different from ecology life, "the purchase applicant was arrested because did to tell a lie that was relative, and to purchase corporate bond. You will be arrested, too. Bail of the purchase applicant and your trial expense become needed, too; with require payment of money.

[advice to consumers]
From unknown people and company "want to purchase corporate bond, but request such as want me (the purchase applicant) to decide that it is said with your relative is trick of fraud as is the person whom envelope reached, or only relative of the person can purchase the corporate bond.". You must never accept in response to such a request from unknown people and company.
When there is doubt about such a cold call, let's talk with consumer life synthesis center and the police.

Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center
Phone number for exclusive use of consultation

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