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Please be careful about accidents by refueling such as oil stoves!

Last update date February 27, 2020

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Please be careful about accidents by refueling such as oil stoves!

When cover of storage tank of oil stove, oil fan heater does not close enough, while we work on refueling, kerosene overflows storage tank, and fire occurs, and there is the risk to result in death.

1.We fill up with gas safely
○We close cover of storage tank surely
・Having closed cover, we confirm that there is not oil leak and get back to oil stoves
○We fill up with gas after having extinguished a fire by all means
・We extinguish a fire of heating machine at the time of refueling by all means and fill up with gas in place without heat
○Old product is careful in particular
・Some products sold before which safety standards of country are changed to in 2009 are hard to confirm what oil filler port of storage tank closed surely and, also, may not have automatic fire extinguishing function at the time of refueling.

2.We confirm whether home product is not recall product
As for the information of recall product, please see homepage of Consumer Affairs Agency, the following "oil heater that recall (including alerting) is carried out".

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