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Cooperation agreement about renewable energy

Last update date September 7, 2020

About cooperation agreement

Yokohama-shi publishes decarbonization "Zero Carbon Yokohama" until 2050 in "Yokohama-shi global warming measure implementation plan" that we revised in October, 2018 as goal of warming measures of Motoichi. For the achievement, it is necessary to switch electricity to use in the city to renewable energy (re-energy) origin, but re-energy supply potential of Yokohama-shi is estimated with approximately 8% of power consumption in 2050 year-end fairs, and it is assumed that we cannot provide with demand for city only with electricity derived from re-energy generated electricity in the city. Therefore we concluded northeastern 12 municipality and "cooperation agreement about renewable energy" to have re-energy resources in richness on February 6, 2019 and decided to push forward approaches to contribute to creation, introduction, the use expansion of re-energy together. By this agreement, profit of renewable energy promotes inflecting and works on construction of new model of "local circulation symbiosis area" through renewable energy. In addition, this cooperation agreement becomes the largest for similar cooperation example in the whole country.

As for the detailed information of cooperation agreement, please see this press release.
[press release] Yokohama-shi and 12 municipalities conclude cooperation agreement about renewable energy for realization of decarburization society for realization of "Zero Carbon Yokohama"

About approach based on cooperation agreement

Press release

List of approach examples

About past approach example, we publish summary of renewable energy, the electric purchase company, retail electricity company, regional activation contribution example.

Requirements of approach example to publish

We perform approach renewable energy is example that supply (required proof of being electricity to receive wholesale supply from power station located in the municipalities concerned, and to supply to Yokohama city limits) is doing (※ 1) electricity from the municipalities concluding Yokohama-shi and cooperation agreement about renewable energy to Yokohama city limits and to contribute to regional activation of the supplier municipalities such as renewable energy in the retail electricity company.

※1: Renewable energy electricity is renewable energy electricity and FIT electricity.
※2: About FIT electricity, we give non-fossil paper, J-credit, green electricity paper and recommend that we assume CO2-free electricity.

When we want to publish approach example

You fill out registration form, and please send to the following reference by E-mail.
On submission of registration form, please submit after, as a general rule, retail electricity company coordinated publication content with the electric purchase company.

The cooperation municipalities

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