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As for the Urban District Redevelopment Projects, it is the enforcement district table

As of June, 2019

Last update date June 12, 2019

 We publish the table concerned as reference for grasp of districts that enforced Urban District Redevelopment Project in the past. Therefore please inquire whether you see notification sentences about detailed information to Urban Development Bureau city area maintenance adjustment section.

As for the Urban District Redevelopment Projects, it is the enforcement district table
DistrictSite area (ha)

The city planning decision date

(): The last city planning date of modification

(): Plan
The current situation
Tsurumi Station West Exit1.3October 23, 1968
(March 2, 1979 change)
Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi (Yukie)1.1December 2, 1977(association)Under examination
3, Nogemachi0.7November 7, 1978

House, city maintenance public corporation

Totsuka Station East Exit1.8June 26, 1979
(December 25, 1981 change)
Yokohama 京急バス4.0December 23, 1986
(July 24, 1992 change)
Sugita Station East Exit0.8September 25, 1987AssociationCompletion
Kanazawa-Bunko Station East Exit0.6December 20, 1988(association)Under examination
The Futamatagawa Station north exit0.9December 20, 1988AssociationCompletion
Kami-Ooka Station West Exit1.5March 17, 1989
(February 22, 1991 change)
The Kamiooka station square1.3July 25, 1989 (※)IndividualCompletion
The authority of north relation south3.0November 30, 1990
(November 28, 1997 change)

Urban Renaissance Agency

Under business
The Totsuka Station West Exit first4.3October 4, 1994
(February 25, 2010 change)
The 3, Nogemachi north0.4November 26, 1996Yokohama City Housing Supply CorporationCompletion
Kamiooka B0.8April 4, 1997AssociationCompletion
The Shin-Koyasu Station west4.2June 27, 1997AssociationCompletion
The Ofuna Station north first0.6June 12, 1998AssociationCompletion
Yokohama 京急バス F-1 block2.0September 22, 1998AssociationCompletion
The Shinsugita station square1.9March 5, 1999AssociationCompletion
Higashi-Kanagawa Station East Exit0.7August 20, 1999AssociationCompletion
The Tsurugamine Station south exit1.5February 15, 2002AssociationCompletion
Takashima 21.0September 5, 2002AssociationCompletion
Tsurumi Station East Exit1.2May 14, 2004

Urban Renaissance Agency

The Kamiooka C south1.6March 4, 2005AssociationCompletion
Yamashitacho, Yokohama1.7April 5, 2007 (※)IndividualUnder business
The Nagatsuta Station north exit2.2December 25, 2007Yokohama City Housing Supply CorporationCompletion
Hinodecho station square A0.7October 3, 2008AssociationCompletion
The Futamatagawa Station south exit1.9October 14, 2011AssociationCompletion
1, Higashikanagawa0.2September 13, 2013AssociationCompletion
The Ofuna Station north second1.7February 5, 2014AssociationUnder business
The best district in the Seya Station south exit1.0July 3, 2015AssociationUnder business
New Tsunashima station square0.6September 5, 2016AssociationUnder business
West Exit Tsuruya district where Yokohama Station came to0.8September 9, 2016AssociationUnder business (PDF: 607KB)
The Nakayama Station south exit2.8February 5, 2019(association)Under examination

※ The city planning decision date about use of altitude district, city reproduction special district or areas such as specific city planning

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