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About Yokohama-shi mail request office work center

Final update date April 1, 2021

[Important Notice]
Currently, we are reducing operations as a measure to prevent new coronavirus infection.
For this reason, it may take longer to issue the certificate than usual.
We apologize for any inconvenience or inconvenience this may cause, but we appreciate your understanding.


In Motoichi, we perform proof issuance office work by mail request about copy of resident certificate or certificate related to family register-related certificate in "Yokohama-shi mail request office work center" in a lump.
When you make mail request about copy of resident certificate mail request about copy or family register when you make a mail request for a copy of the city or a certificate related to the city.

Destination destination

〒231-8307 1-1-1 Sakuragicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City Mail Request Office
(The destination has been changed due to the relocation of the office on January 18, 2021.)

Handling time

From 8:45 am to 5:15 pm (weekdays Monday to Friday)

Management form

Private consignment Agec Co., Ltd.>

Estimated number of days

  • For billing by mail, it takes the total number of processing days and round-trip postal delivery days. It usually takes about 10 days from when you mail it to when you receive the certificate, but it may take more days depending on the circumstances of the mail and holidays, so please request it in time.
  • If you are in a hurry, please consider using express mail when sending or returning documents.
  • If you apply for multiple certificates at once, or if you have any questions about the documents or billing details and need to confirm them, it will take a few days to create the certificate. Please note that it will take longer to return than usual.

Shipping costs

Please pay attention to the amount of the stamp when sending the mail request and creating a reply envelope.
If the fee is insufficient, it will be returned by "Payment of insufficient fee recipient".
※If you would like express delivery or registered mail, please attach the necessary stamps.

Basic charge

Up to 25g of standard mail: 84 yen
94 yen up to 50g of standard mail

Optional Services

There is a separate charge.
For details of the fee, please check the website of Japan Post Co., Ltd. (external site) for details of the fee.

(At the time of request from abroad) If you wish to use International Speed Mail (EMS)

[If you wish to use EMS]
We will prepare an envelope for international speed mail (EMS) at this center, so please let us know so (in that case, a reply envelope is not required). Along with the charge for the international speed mail (EMS) envelope, a separate "51 yen (tax included) per international speed mail (EMS) envelope" is required. For more information, see Requests for Mailing family register by Mail.

Handling Certificate

family register relations

  • Certificate of all matters in family register Items (450 yen)certificate of family register items
  • Certificate of Personal Information in family register (450 yen), certificate of partial family register
  • family register Partial Matters Certificate (450 yen)
  • Certificate of family register certificate (for each certificate (for each certificate) (350 yen)
  • Certificate of Dismissal of All Items: partial copy of nullified family register
  • Certificate of Dismissal Personal Information and copy of nullified family register (750 yen)
  • Certificate of Dismissal of Partial Matters (750 yen)
  • Certificate of exclusion entry (per certificate) (450 yen)
  • Remodeled original family register transcript and abstract (750 yen)
  • Certificate of acceptance (350 yen)
  • Certificate of acceptance (1,400 yen)
  • Certificate of items described in the notification form (350 yen)
  • Certificate of singleness (300 yen)
  • Copy of tag of family register's copy (300 yen)
  • Identification card (300 yen)
  • Certificate of absence (300 yen)
  • Certificate of Remanufacturing family register of Re
  • Notification certificate (300 yen)
  • Certificate of submission of certificate (300 yen)
  • certificate to contract marriage (300 yen)
  • Copy of fire burial permission application (300 yen)
  • Notification (free)
  • permanent domicile Change Certificate (free)

resident certificate relations

  • Copy of resident certificate copy (300 yen)
  • Certificate of items described in resident certificate (300 yen)
  • Non-resident certificate (300 yen)
  • House indication change certificate (free)


  • Documents required for mailing request vary depending on the claimant and the certificate requested.
  • The billing address indicated on your invoice should be "To Director General of the relevant ward". (The destination is the mail request office.)
  • Notification of transfer by mail will be handled at the ward office in the transfer ward.
  • Requests for tax certificates are not handled by the Mail Request Office. For more details,Homepage of Yokohama City Tax (Information for Tax Service "Request for Certification by Mail")Please see. 


  • Please send the fee at a fixed amount exchange (Japan Post Bank / Post Office savings window handling).
  • Please send the same amount as the fee so that change does not come out.
  • The validity period of the flat-rate currency exchange is 6 months from the date of issuance. Please send the remaining validity period of one week or more.
  • If requested from abroad,Request for mailing of family register'sPlease see.

How to apply for major certificates

Inquiries regarding mail requests

Phone number


FAX Number


E-Mail address

Reception hours

From 8:45 am to 5:15 pm (weekdays Monday to Friday)

Inquiries to this page

(Inquiry about mail request) Yokohama-shi mail request office work center

Telephone: 045-222-4990

Telephone: 045-222-4990

Fax: 045-222-4916

Email address: [email protected]

(Inquiry about notation of this page) Civic Affairs Bureau Ward Administration Support Department window service section

Telephone: 045-671-2176

Telephone: 045-671-2176

Fax: 045-664-5295

Email address: [email protected]

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