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Fees for family register and resident certificate Certificate Fees

Final update date June 26, 2020


When issuing a copy of all family register) matter certificate and copy of resident certificate may be exempted from fees due to laws and regulations.
For more information, please contact us.
※If you use a My Number Card to obtain a copy of resident certificate City at a convenience store, it will not be treated free of charge.

Examples of exemptions

Example 1: When submitting to pension's office to a National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) or Employee Pension Plan (Kosei Nenkin) office,

The pension office of presentation or list of presentation documents may be confirmed.

Cases in which fees are not exempted from procedures in pension's procedures

As shown below, there is a fee for those who do not have pension entitlement.

  • When submitting to each business site for exemption from insurance premiums during childcare leave
  • When submitting to pension Office is required to submit a request for splitpension.

Example 2: In accordance with Article 111 of Labor Standards Law submits to a part-time job to confirm the age at the time of employment.

In this case, in principle, we will issue a certificate of items described in resident certificate

Example 3: When necessary for financing system related to new coronavirus infection

Of the following certificates, the grant fee for financing, lending, and various support systems required for the expansion of the new coronavirus infection is free.

  • Copy of resident certificate'
  • Certificate of resident certificate Items
  • Seal Registration Certificate

For details, please refer to Reduction (Free) of Grant Fees for Certificates (Copy of resident certificate) for details.

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