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About fee of certificate of family register and resident certificate

Last update date June 26, 2020


When we issue copying of all the family register (individual) matter certificate and resident certificate, by regulations of laws and ordinances, we exempt fee and may issue.
For more details, please refer.
※When copying of resident certificate is acquired using my number card at convenience store, it does not become the free handling.

Example of thing which can exempt from fee

Example 1: When, by procedure for receipt of National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) and Employee Pension Plan (Kosei Nenkin), we submit to pension office

We may confirm inspection of pension office and submission material of submission.

Example which fee is not exempted from by procedure for pension either

Fee to use for procedure of person without annuity is charged as follows.

  • When, for premium exemption procedure during parental leave, we submit to each office
  • When, for request for pension division, we submit to pension office

Example 2: When, based on regulations of Labor Standards Law Article 111, we submit to part-time job for age confirmation at the time of employment

In this case, as a general rule, we issue resident certificate items mentioned certificate.

Example 3: When it is necessary for financing facilities affecting new coronavirus infectious disease

Among the next certificates, it is said with free of charge about grant fee when it is necessary for procedure for financing and loan accompanied with expansion of new coronavirus infectious disease, various support systems.

  • Copying of resident certificate
  • Resident certificate items mentioned certificate
  • Seal Registration Certificate

The details, please identify reduction of taxes (free) nitsuiteogo of grant fee of certificate (copying of resident certificate) necessary for financing facilities affecting new coronavirus infectious disease.

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