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Request for mailing of family register's

Final update date March 25, 2021

When the person makes the request

Destination of invoice

Yokohama-shi mail request office work center (we handle mail request of all Yokohama-shi wards in a lump)
We recommend that you use EMS by mail.


〒231-8307 1-1-1 Sakuragicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City Mail Request Office

Necessary items (Documents to be sent)

  • Invoice
    • (For mailing) family register (from abroad) (PDF: 119KB)
    • Please fill in the invoice with an e-mail address that can be contacted. (Because it may be difficult to make a direct call due to time difference)
    • Please do not use writing instruments such as pencils that can erase characters.
    • If you are unable to print your invoice, please write the same information on stationery.
  • Copy of identity verification document with Address's Identity Ver
    Driver's license with your current address overseas, rental contract of residence, receipt of utility bill, etc.
    • "Copy of side where name is listed" and "copy of side where Address.
    • Address cannot be confirmed on your passport, so please send other documents.
  • Certificate fee and postage for return
    • Please send us a fee for required number of copies such as certificate of family register and shipping cost at the time of return.
    • You cannot pay by bank transfer. Please prepare Japanese yen for cash payment. The method of sending cash by international mail varies depending on the country of sending, so please check with the post office in your current country and send it by appropriate method such as registered mail or insurance.
    • Please note that the change will be returned with a Japanese stamp.

※International Postal Money Order has been issued on March 27, 2020 (Fri).
Please refer to Japan Post Bank website (external site) for details.

  • reply envelope
    • Please fill in Address (the Address City listed in "Copy of Identity Confirmation Documents with Address.
    • It cannot be returned to any place other than Address.
  • Documents confirming claim authority
    If you cannot confirm your kinship only in family register's kinship, a copy of family register, where kinship can be confirmed, is required if the kinship cannot be confirmed In addition, when a third party makes a request, a document that confirms the authority of the request is required. DetailsYokohama-shi mail request officePlease check.

If you wish to send international speed mail (EMS)

We will prepare an envelope for international speed mail (EMS) at this center, so please let us know so (in that case, a reply envelope is not required). In addition to fees and postage, please send us the international speed mail (EMS) envelope fee of 51 yen (including tax).

When requesting a request from a proxy/agent Requests Claims

Give your self-signed or sealed power of attorney to proxy/agent.
However, a power of attorney is not required to request a person (spouse, etc.), direct ancestry (parents, etc.) or direct ancestry (child, etc.) listed in The same family register.
For details on how to request, please refer to the application method page for each certificate.

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Inquiries to this page

(Inquiry about mail request) Yokohama-shi mail request office work center

Telephone: 045-222-4990

Telephone: 045-222-4990

Fax: 045-222-4916

Email address: [email protected]

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