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About mail request of family register proof from foreign territory

Last update date October 2, 2019

When the person requests

Destination of bill

Yokohama-shi mail request office work center (it deals with mail request of all Yokohama-shi wards in a lump)
At the time of mail, we recommend the use of EMS.

The location

〒231-8307 1-6, Onoecho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi Yokohama-shi mail request office work center

Necessary thing (documents to send)

  • Bill
    • (for mail) bills (PDF: 233KB) such as family register certificates
    • When you request from foreign territory, please fill in e-mail address to get communication. (to have possibilities to be hard to take telephone by time difference directly)
    • Signature or signature is necessary for bill. When you print claimer name, please seal by all means.
    • Writing implements which can delete letters such as pencils hope that they do not use.
    • When you cannot print bill, please fill in letter paper with the same contents.
  • Copying of identity verification documents which Address was listed in
    Driver's license which the present address in foreign countries is listed in, lease contract of house, receipt of utilities
    • "Copy of mask which full name is listed" in and "copy of mask which Address is listed" in are necessary.
    • As you cannot confirm Address with passport, please send other documents.
  • The postage at the time of fee, return of certificate
    • Please send by international postal order (International Postal Money Order). As you realize to Japanese Yen at exchange rate when you arrived here (you must do not fill in "Pay To" column and "Address" column), please prepare a little too much.
    • The postage, please identify international postal rate listed in Web site of Japan Post Co., Ltd.
  • Self-addressed envelope
    • Please fill in return address Address (Address listed in "copying of identity verification documents which Address was listed" in mentioned above).
    • To any place other than the Address place cannot send back.

When we hope for international speed mail (EMS)

As we prepare envelope for exclusive use of international speed mail (EMS) in our center, please let know so (in that case, self-addressed envelope is not necessary). Other than fee, the postage, please send including international speed mail (EMS) envelope charges 51 yen (tax-included).

Instructions about fee, the postage

  • Please do not fill in "Pay To" column of international postal order and "Address" column. When we fill out, we cannot use.
  • When if do not fill out "Pay To" column, international postal order is not issued, mention method to "Pay To" columnYokohama-shi mail request office work centerPlease confirm in this.
  • When you request from country which cannot purchase international postal order, please remit Japanese Yen by "mail (including international money sent by registered mail) that can send cash". (please ask local post office in detail)
  • About fee and the postage, thing needing time for realization cannot accept.
  • When money of return occurs, I return with Japanese stamp.

When we ask for request in proxy/agent which is in Japan

Please hand signature or proxy which sealed to proxy/agent.
But proxy is not necessary when we ask person (spouses), lineal ascendant (parents), lineal descendant (children) listed in the same family register for request.
The details of request method, please identify page of application method of each certificate.

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We can download one that you do not have gratis from Adobe company.
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