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About notice of person system

Last update date March 7, 2019

When copying or certificate of family register of resident certificate were acquired illegally by third party except the person to protect right and benefit of person in Yokohama-shi, and to restrain the unjust acquisition such as resident certificate, we introduced the person notice system to notify the person of the fact.

Summary of system

Certificate which is targeted for notice of 1

  1. Copying of resident certificate
  2. Resident certificate items mentioned certificate
  3. Copying of tag of family register
  4. All the family register (individual, a part) matter certificate
  5. koseki*shohon
  6. Family register report items mentioned certificate

Requirements when we notify of 2

When we correspond to either from 1 to 3 next, we decide to notify of the person.

  1. When judgment to affect violation case of regulations of the Law of the Basic Resident Registers or Census Registration Act or decision is settled
  2. When fact that person of specific desk work tray job (※) acquired using bill in duties by country, notice of prefecture or other related organizations illegally becomes clear
  3. When others, Director General when we advocate to previous 2 admit that it follows in the case of these

※Lawyer, judicial scrivener, land and house investigator, licensed tax accountant, social insurance consultant, patent attorney, marine procedure commission agent, generic name of administrative scrivener

3 summary PDF files

4 summary establishment date

January 6, 2015

Notice of person for the past unjust acquisition

In family register resident certificate large quantities injustice acquisition case found out in November, 2011 and similar case found out in September, 2012, copying or family register certificate of resident certificate notified the person of the fact to acquired illegally.

Notice day Friday, February 27, 2015
279 number of the notices

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