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resident certificate's Wide Area Grant

Final update date April 12, 2021


Utilizing the Network System for Basic Resident Registers can be used to requestresident certificate anywhere in any municipality in Japan. You can receive a copy of your resident certificate can be issued by presenting a certificate with a face photo issued by a public office such as a My Number card, resident registry card or driver's license, passport, etc. at the window of the municipality.

Those who can apply

Limited to yourself or a member of same household or resident certificate.

Reception desk

Municipal office window that you wish to receive
In Yokohama City, it will be handled only at each ward office. It is not handled at the administrative service corner.

Reception hours

Weekdays: 8:45 am-5:00 pm
※You can't take it on weekends and holidays.

How to apply

The person or a same household member listed in resident certificate submits application to the municipal office where you want to grant, and my number card of person who actually went to window, resident registry card with photograph (PIN) ) Or a certificate with a face photo issued by a public office such as a driver's license or passport.

Expenses (Granting fees)

Grant fees vary depending on the municipality receiving the grant.
When we issue copy of wide area grant resident certificate 300 yen per copy, just like a copy of a normalresident certificate's copy.


  • Wide-area grants may not be possible due to system failure of the municipalities of the other party.
  • Theresident certificate of Regional Grants does not include your permanent address or the name of the first person.
  • If you have forgotten your PIN on your My Number Card or Juki Card, or if you cannot enter your My Number Card or Juki Card's 4-digit PIN at the issuing location and lock it, Please note that since the information in the IC chip cannot be read, you will need to apply for unlocking at the municipal office where you live, and you may not be able to receive a wide area grant.

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