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Facilities for firefighting by mail about reception desk of check debrief report

To people concerned of fire prevention object

Last update date January 18, 2021

Documents which check is necessary for by 1 mail in reporting

  (1) Documents to submit to fire department
    Oh, as for the facilities for firefighting, it is (facilities for special firefighting) check debrief report
    As for the facilities for i firefighting, it is (facilities for special firefighting) check result generalization table
     (when we report replacing with check vote)
    u *boyo*bito (facilities for special firefighting) checker table
     (when person having qualification checks or when we report replacing with check vote)
    Oh, it is check vote such as facilities for each firefighting
  (2) Of check debrief report sealed reported seal of fire department when wish to reply
    Oh, copy of documents to raise in (1) mentioned above (thing same as documents to submit to fire department)
    i self-addressed envelope
      When you enclose copying of check debrief report, please enclose self-addressed envelope which attached stamp for rate necessary for reply by all means.
      In addition, please fill in address, destination beforehand.

Confirmation matters such as 2 documents

  (1) Is there omission of mention of check debrief report?
  (2) There is not omission of mention of the report date (please list mailing day.) or .  
  (3) Are there omissions of mention of scholar of report column?
     ※ Facilities for firefighting call owner, manager of fire prevention object and owner scholar of report of check debrief report. When scholar of report is corporation
      This, please list corporation name and job, full name of representative.
  (4) Are there attached leak of documents necessary for check debrief report, omission of mention, non-conduct of check?
     ※ As the following check vote may not be attached, please be careful in particular.
      ・The check vote separate paragraph style 23rd - 25th (emergency power supply) and check vote separate paragraph style 26th (wiring)
      ・Documents indicating taking preventive maintenance plan to affect check result of the driving situation of emergency power supply (home generation of electricity facilities) or maintenance of driving performance
  (5) Is there omission of signature of fire marshal column and person of attendance column (it is only on the condition that there is person who attended check.)?
     In addition, when attach both generalization table and individual check list, fire marshal column of "generalization list" (among or individual check votes) and person of attendance column
    By signing the name on this, can omit signature of "(or generalization list) among individual check votes".
     ※ In the case of absenteeism, fire marshal is person who is in administrative position among the people concerned when there is not of in the case of non-election or election duty of fire marshal
      Job and full name, please of this to sign the name.

Object which we check by 3 mail and can report

  We can perform in all fire prevention objects. But in any of one of the matters to raise next from fire department in the situation such as facilities for firefighting
 As we arrive, and report and the next police station may be demanded, we hope that we act and do police station and report.
  (1) When, more than about three years, check result report is not carried out  
  (2) When check results such as facilities for firefighting include defectiveness (they have been repaired and measures contents such as repair and thing which we are going to repair, and time was listed in are excluded.)

Notice matter at the time of report by 4 mail

  (1) Thing by ordinary mail shines and supports, and there is not mail, but confirmation of arrival, please send by possible registered mail as much as possible (* of envelope
    Please specify with "the facilities inspection report living-in-inside for firefighting" in point of mube.) .
     In addition, as for the facilities for firefighting, check debrief report is law Article 2 Paragraph 1 about delivery of letter of Postal Law Article 4 Paragraph 2 and letter by private business person
    We correspond to letter of this. Except service that mail or letter service company performs about sending of check debrief report by these laws and ordinances
    As legal sending is not accepted, please be careful.
  (2) When check debrief report has omission of mention and attached leak of necessary documents, postscript of documents and submission of documents lacking are necessary.
    We teach whether you send some other time as duty of report is not carried out in any of these we revise after having done the next police station or to report
    There is thing.
  (3) As we may make inquiry about contents from fire department, full name and contact information of the person in charge, please understand.

5 destinations

List of destination fire departments (please send to fire department having jurisdiction over administrative section where fire prevention object is located.)
Fire department The location Fire department The location
Tsurumi fire department 〒230-0051
3-20-1, Tsurumichuo, Tsurumi-ku
Phone number 045-503-0119
Kanazawa fire department 〒236-0021
2-9-1, Deiki, Kanazawa-ku
Phone number 045-781-0119
Kanagawa fire department 〒221-0824
3-8, Hirodaiotamachi, Kanagawa-ku
Phone number 045-316-0119
Kohoku fire deparment 〒222-0032
26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku
Phone number 045-546-0119
Nishi fire department 〒220-0041
50-11, Tobehoncho, Nishi-ku
Phone number 045-313-0119
Midori fire department 〒226-0011
93-1, Nakayamacho, Midori-ku
Phone number 045-932-0119
Naka fire department 〒231-0038
2-2, Yamabukicho, Naka-ku
Phone number 045-251-0119
Aoba fire department 〒225-0024
33-1, Ichigaocho, Aoba-ku
Phone number 045-974-0119
Minami fire department 〒232-0024
2-33, Urafunecho, Minami-ku
Phone number 045-253-0119
Tsuzuki fire department 〒224-0032
32-1, Chigasakichuo, Tsuzuki-ku
Phone number 045-945-0119
Konan fire department 〒233-0003
4-2-10, Kounan, Kounan-ku
Phone number 045-844-0119
Totsuka fire department 〒244-0003
4144, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku
Phone number 045-881-0119
Hodogaya fire department 〒240-0005
140-5, Godocho, Hodogaya-ku
Phone number 045-342-0119
Sakae fire department 〒247-0005
301, Katsuracho, Sakae-ku
Phone number 045-892-0119
Asahi fire department 〒241-0022
1-4-12, Tsurugamine, Asahi-ku
Phone number 045-951-0119
Izumi fire department 〒245-0024
Izumi, Izumi-ku center north 5-1-1
Phone number 045-801-0119
Isogo fire department 〒235-0016
2-1-3, Isogo, Isogo-ku
Phone number 045-753-0119
Seya fire department 〒246-0021
190, Futatsubashicho, Seya-ku
Phone number 045-362-0119

Period and reply time of copying from fire department when we begin to accept 6

 Acceptance takes time because we cannot confirm contents of documents like case of submission by bringing in the case of submission by mail at window
rimasu. In addition, of check debrief report sealed reported seal of fire department when wish to reply, is gakakarukotogaarima in procedure for return at time
We do, and thank you for your understanding in one of (after arriving at fire department around 1-2 weeks).

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