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To all of the small multi-tenant building owner tenants

Last update date May 17, 2019

By private room video shop fire that occurred in Osaka-shi, holy life of 15 was robbed of and had a socially very big influence on October 1, 2008.
In addition, in the first trial judgment of fire of Kabukicho, Shinjuku that occurred on September 1, 2001, we recognize fire prevention management breach of duty for tenant manager and manager who are person of management entitlement to in not only building owner but also the Fire Services Act, and conviction is given.
Never cause such a tragic incident; owner and tenant of building talk with about well at not only having obey firefighting laws and ordinances but also by all means this opportunity to save, and everyday independence inspection and conduct of periodical fire drills , please.

In addition, refer to; better length,

  1. Small building evacuation training manual (PDF: 1,776KB)
  2. Voluntary check item (voluntary check record table) (PDF: 361KB)

As you published this, you do downloading, and please inflect.

At each fire department, please refer to the in detail nearest fire department in instruction such as evacuation drill to carry out in building and one supporting.

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