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News about laws and ordinances revision

Last update date May 14, 2020

We receive large-scale fire that produced Itoigawa-shi, Niigata on December 22, 2016, and setting of fire extinguisher is required in firefighting laws and ordinances so far for a total of 150 square meters in area within restaurant that there was not duty of fire extinguisher setting from October 1, 2019.

About restaurant where fire extinguisher is necessary for newly

In restaurant, setting of fire extinguisher is required based on Fire Services Act enforcement order Article 10 in any of all next.

  1. Total of having an area of 150 square meters under of building
  2. We establish facilities using fire such as cookers or appliance to offer food and drink as the work.
  • When the areas of the whole building are 150 square meters or more, setting is necessary from past.
  • When effective measures (prevention of cooking oil heating devices) are taken in fire prevention, setting of fire extinguisher is not necessary for facilities using fire such as cookers or appliance.

About check, result reports such as facilities for firefighting

It checks fire extinguisher which it installed by this Fire Services Act revision newly based on 3-3 of Fire Services Act Article 17 every six months, and it becomes duty to report to fire department once a year.

  • Apparatus check: Once in six months
  • Check report: Once a year (the nearest fire chief expectation)


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