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Type widow's pensions such as public pensions

Last update date July 27, 2020

When he died without husband who met qualification period of old-age pension receiving National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), we are provided with wife from 60 years old in place of husband until we become 65 years old. It is also called "pension of filler" before wife receiving pension .
In any of both widow's pension and lump sum to the family of the deceased, we choose one sometime soon.

Request for widow's pension

  • There are ten years or more premium payment finished periods (including exemption period) to husband who died only in first insured person period (including any participation person insured period)
  • There is duration of marriage with husband who died more than ten years
  • Having been living maintenance to husband who died in the death
  • Husband who died do not receive old-age pension and Disability Basic Pension

It is three-fourths of old-age pension frame which husband should have received (top-up pension part is excluded).

When wife of person passed away corresponded to any of the following, entitlement of widow's pension disappears.

  1. When it reached 65 years old
  2. When he died
  3. When we married
  4. When we became adopted child except lineal relationship by blood or diameter relative by marriage (we include case to be virtual adoption)

Supply stop
When compensation for the survivor by Labor Standards Law is performed about the death, as for the widow's pension, the supply is stopped for six years from death day.

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