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Yokohama City and Tokyo Institute of Technology signed a comprehensive partnership agreement.

Final update date March 17, 2021

Press release

March 17, 2021

Policy Bureau University Coordination Division

Kazuhiko Otsuka

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Yokohama City has established the “University and Urban Partnership Council” with the city and 29 neighboring universities, and is promoting various cooperation. In addition, we are making efforts based on comprehensive partnership agreements with individual universities.
Tokyo Institute of Technology (President Kazuya Masu) is focusing on social implementation of research results, and collaborating with these movements will lead to innovation in the city and solving regional issues.
Therefore, we have concluded a comprehensive partnership agreement with the aim of promoting industrial promotion and international cooperation utilizing the resources and networks of each other, and accelerate our efforts to realize a rich future society based on the philosophy of the SDGs. You.

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Policy Bureau University Coordination Division

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Telephone: 045-671-4273

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