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Survey Report No. 186 Special Feature: We issue child care support in the area of Yokohama.

Final update date December 24, 2020

Press release

December 24, 2020

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Yasuyuki Koyanagi

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From fiscal 2020, the Yokohama City version of the Child Care Generation Comprehensive Support Center will be fully implemented to further enhance seamless support from pregnancy to child care, and comprehensive support from before birth to Aotoyo The "2nd Yokohama City Child and Child Care Support Project Plan" to promote has started.
On this occasion, we look back on past approach of "child care support in area" of Motoichi which we accumulated pioneeringly while being characteristic of "collaboration" with civic groups and think about current problem and future prospects I will continue.
The environment surrounding child-rearing has changed in various ways, such as a declining birthrate, a working situation in households, a nuclear family, and a weakening of local connections. In this era when it became necessary to consciously establish a system for "child care support", what kind of support was required and how should we deal with it?
We will consider articles written by experts, round-table discussions, and interviews.

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