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[press release] About holding of theater maintenance Exploratory Committee second basic plan, management administration examination combination sectional meeting that Yokohama-shi is new

Last update date November 9, 2020

Press release material

November 9, 2020

Policy Bureau theater Planning Division

Miki Soma

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It becomes new base of creation of culture art in Yokohama-shi and dispatch and installs "theater maintenance Exploratory Committee that Yokohama-shi is new" (the following, Exploratory Committee) in activation of town as affiliated engine of the mayor in June, 2019 to examine new theater maintenance to be connected and pushes forward examination.
In addition, we install the cause "basic plan examination sectional meeting" and "management administration examination sectional meeting" of Exploratory Committee to examine contents of plan summary and management administration of facility as subject necessary to judge industrialization in this year.
We will tell as we combine basic plan examination sectional meeting and management administration examination sectional meeting as follows and hold.

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