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About "the third Yokohama-shi big city self-government study group report"

Final update date December 1, 2020

Press release

December 1, 2020

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Saori Takahashi

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 In Motoichi, we set up "Yokohama-shi large city self-government study group" to demand investigation, deliberation about the way of local autonomy system appropriate for Yokohama-shi.
 This time, the third study group received the "3rd Yokohama City Large City Autonomy Study Group Report".

1. Advisory matters
About "Yokohama special self-government city general rules", "the second Yokohama-shi large city self-government study group report" and system design of special self-government city based on current socio-economic situation.

2 Report summary of the 3rd Yokohama City Autonomous Research Group Report
○ preamble
○ 1 Major City System Reform and Yokohama City Initiatives
  (1) Main initiatives in Yokohama
  (2) Trends related to the reform of the metropolitan system and the response of Yokohama City
○ 2. The socio-economic situation surrounding Yokohama City and the necessity of a special autonomous city
○ 3 Issues concerning system design of Yokohama special autonomous city
  (1) General discussion
  (2) Office work and authority
  (3) Tax and Fiscal Systems
  (4) Wide Area Cooperation
  (5) How to establish a self-government structure in a special autonomous city
○ 4 For the early realization of the special autonomous municipal system
  (1) Efforts for legislation of special autonomous cities
  (2) Measures to be taken to realize a special autonomous city

3 Committee members (titles omitted, in alphabetical order)
Takuya Tsuji, Professor of Hitotsubashi University Graduate School (Administrative and Local Autonomy) [Chair]
Prof. Osamu Osugi, Professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University (Administration and Urban Administration) [Vice Chair]
Akeko Izumo Associate Professor of Tokai University (Administrative Science)
Professor of Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School (administrative and urban administration)
Prof. Jiro Uno of Yokohama City University
Namiko Numao Professor of Toyo University (Financial Science and Local Finance)
Prof. Masamitsu Mochizuki, Professor of Kanto Gakuin University (Financial Science)

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