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Survey Report No. 187 Special Feature: We will issue international cooperation promoted by "International City Yokohama".

Final update date March 29, 2021

Press release

March 29, 2021

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Yasuyuki Koyanagi

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The city has been conducting international cooperation in many fields and regions for more than half a century since the 1960s. The range of international cooperation conducted by the city, such as contributing to solving problems in emerging cities utilizing the experience and expertise cultivated so far, supporting overseas expansion of city companies, sharing knowledge about urban issues, etc. Is expanding.
In the survey bulletin No. 187, we will look back on the international cooperation of the city again and consider future development based on its significance and changes in the social environment.
At first we follow change of international cooperation in Motoichi and introduce current approach. In addition, we will look back on the results and issues so far through round-table discussions with staff involved in international cooperation.
In addition, we will tell you about the initiatives of the city as seen from external organizations through contributions from related organizations and overseas cities, and round-table discussions with partner companies.
Finally, through web discussions by overseas experts and contributions by academic experts, we will consider the future prospects of what international cooperation should be promoted by "International City Yokohama".

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