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At the forefront of marine research and business! Departing from Yokohama! "Sea and Industrial Innovation Convention (Umicon 2021)" pre-registration started!

Final update date February 1, 2021

Press release

February 1, 2021

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In Yokohama-shi, we raise "Ocean Hub City and is working to revitalize the city and create attractiveness.
On February 25 (Thursday), the “Umi and Industrial Innovation Convention (Umicon 2021)-Sustainable Marine Industry and Digitization-Toward the Achievement of SDGs-” aimed at industrial promotion and business creation in the marine field Will be held.
The marine field is a field with many possibilities, including the development of marine resources near Japan, renewable energy such as offshore wind power generation and ocean current power generation, and various research and technological developments are being conducted.
This time, which will be the fourth time, will be held online for the first time from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection. .
The pre-registration of participants will begin today on February 1, so please join us in collecting information, creating new collaborations, and creating business opportunities.

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