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[Press release] Wakono Innovation Network 2019-Care Digital Hackathon in Yokohama-Excellent teams will continue to support the decision solution for social implementation!

Final update date July 22, 2020

Press release

July 22, 2020

Policy Bureau Co-creation Promotion

Michiko Koike

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 The Digital Nursing Care Hackathon in Yokohama (sponsored by: Wakamono Innovation Network 2019 Executive Committee / sponsored by Yokohama City Policy Bureau, which is interested in innovation in the nursing care field, development of STEM education, and policy formation based on design thinking. This is an initiative in which students from Yokohama Pharmaceutical University, Information Science College, and Yokohama Rehabilitation College have formed a mixed team to challenge various issues in nursing care.
On July 12, 2020, a screening result presentation was held for the teams participating in the Hackathon.
 In examining the ideas of each team, there was a full backup of Caretech Open Lab Yokohama, which is familiar with the nursing and ICT sites, greatly expanding the possibility of realizing the ideas.
In the future, various actors, including Caretech Open Lab Yokohama, will support students and aim to realize the solutions born in Hackathon in society.

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Telephone: 045-671-4394

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